Sustainability, environmental and climate protection are important to us. With the introduction of its own EcologiQ product line, SPRINTIS shows how important these forward-looking topics are for the company. SPRINTIS is aware of its responsibility towards future generations and would like to contribute to a reduction of its ecological footprint with the EcologiQ line.

What does climate neutral mean?

Climate neutrality is an environmental policy goal to exert no influence on the climate through production and consumption. Climate neutrality is achieved through emission offsetting by our cooperation partner natureOffice, which determines the CO2 balance for our EcologiQ products and neutralises the resulting emissions through domestic and global environmental projects.

SPRINTIS supports regional forest ecology projects in Germany and the reforestation of natural forests in Togo, West Africa. Within one year, 24.423 t CO2 could already be offset.
              24.423 t  
     This amount of CO2
      has already been offset
      September 2018
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