We want to meet the demands of our customers to their complete satisfaction and also take any special requests on board. Anyone frequently involved in purchasing knows how often the service quality is less than satisfactory.

We and our competent staff want to offer our customers an easy and pleasant shopping experience of the quality we ourselves would like to see more often. The following factors are all part of this: an outstanding delivery performance, high quality products, knowledgeable advice and an extraordinary service focus.

Everything we do is guided by our pursuit of long term economic success and a leading market position.

Through offering a wide range of products, we are able to optimally serve our target group. We are driven by the will to continuously improve on the basis of efficient and reliable procedures and the consistent development and qualification of our staff. 

By achieving appropriate yields, we are keeping the jobs at our company safe and can expand without external help. We want to continue our success story together with our customers and our staff - without ever losing sight of our quality standards.

Christian Schenk & Matthias Schenk | Chief Executive Officers

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