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What can magnetic clips be used for everywhere? Staples made of a high-quality material such as a magnet are very popular. Especially in industry and trade, this small utensil is a real treasure that must not be allowed to go under. We introduce the magnetic clamps to you in more detail. Every consumer will quickly recognise them: Whoever relies on good quality in consumer goods like magnetic clamps will not be disappointed.

Magnetic clip, ferrite Magnetic clip, ferrite
✓ different options available!

Neodymium magnet or ferrite magnetic clips?

Magnetic clips with neodymium magnets are often chrome-plated and have a high force. This is a true super magnet that can withstand many stresses and strains in everyday life. For example, you can find the following offers for magnetic clamps, which can be purchased in our shop:

  • Magnetic clamp Croco Clip, in the dimensions 25 mm x 10 mm. This clip made of chrome-plated metal with a neodymium magnet made of NdFeB is nickel-plated. The magnetisation of N35 is enormous for this small clip made of magnet. Small magnetic clamp - big effect: This clamp made of metal and super magnet can hold approx. 9 sheets of paper without one sheet falling off. The perfect adhesion ensures that this small clip is a versatile tool in every office.
  • Magnetic clip Bull Dog Clip in the dimensions 67 mm x 76 mm. This nickel-plated clip is also made of chrome-plated, high-quality metal with a neodymium magnet made of NdFeB. The magnetisation of N35 ensures a perfect hold and can be exposed to high loads. Approximately 90 g of paper can be carried with this magnetic clip. With this robust magnetic clamp with neodymium magnet you will also find a wide range of applications in the commercial sector.

Magnetic clamps with a ferrite magnet have a lower force than those made of neodymium of the same size, but are considerably cheaper. These clamps with Bull Dog Clip are available in different sizes and are made of nickel-plated, high-quality metal with ferrite magnet. You can see very quickly: Good super magnets in the form of magnetic clips pay off. They are very popular in the private sector, in the office and also in trade and industry.

The advantages of good magnetic clamps in different areas?

Magnetic clamps in use for many purposes can be used in restaurants, in trade and in large workshops. Even in large warehouses, magnetic clamps can withstand many strains with temperature differences and the effects of humidity. Especially for commercial purposes, magnetic clamps hold thick piles of paper and even paper pads securely. Nothing falls off here. Because the good and high gripping performance enables a secure hold as well as fast and easy removal of all objects. Especially in everyday life we often only appreciate things when they no longer work. This is exactly why you should buy the magnetic clamp from SPRINTIS. Here things work right from the start - and correctly. This makes everyday life twice as much fun, if you don't have to search for fallen paper first. But the magnetic clamp is also an important helper in every private office, providing perfect hold for paper, recipes in the kitchen, school utensils in the children's room and much more.

Small but powerful - the magnetic clamps will give you pleasure for many years

What a small object made of magnet can do. The little helper, which is very popular in the garage, in the workshop, in the kitchen and bathroom and also in industry and trade, is considered an all-rounder that makes life much easier. Stacks of paper adhere perfectly to this robust magnetic clamp. All consumers can change the item, which can be ordered as a magnet in our shop, very variably in the place of use. The small object fits into any glove compartment in the car or can be stored in the kitchen drawer. What else distinguishes the clip from Magnet? It is unobtrusive, small and robust. The neutral magnetic clamp, which is available in a chrome-plated version, also fits visually into many areas in the house, home and garden. It is a little helper with a magnet that should not be missed. Magnets and super magnets are among the high-quality utensils that many consumers like to use. It is definitely worth testing and getting to know the high-quality features of the magnetic clamp from SPRINTIS.