Firmly rooted in our region – commitment that comes from the heart

Locally, we get involved in sports sponsoring with s.Oliver Würzburg. The "SPRINTIS NachwuchsShot", for example, gives junior players of the s.Oliver Würzburg Academy the chance to win 1,000 Euro for the Academy if they make the shot from the middle line. Joint visits to the games of our sponsoring partners are also an exciting way for our staff to spend some of their leisure time with each other.

The modern printing industry would never have been possible without Johannes Gutenberg and his revolutionary invention, mechanical movable type printing. We therefore support the charity Förderverein Gutenberg and the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz. We help young people and contribute to in-kind donations for the Stuttgart Media University and the Johannes Gutenberg vocational college in Stuttgart.

Over the years, we have also regularly contributed in-kind donations or money to charities such as "People of Africa e.V.", "Würzburger Tafel" or "Spieli Würzburg".

Image: s.Oliver Würzburg / Steffen Wienhold
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