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At SPRINTIS you will find a selection of paper cutting machines for your office, school, print shop, copy shop or hobby use. With our lever or roller cutting machines, you can cut paper cleanly and achieve a smooth cut edge. We offer paper cutting machines in two different versions, suitable for paper formats up to A3 and A4. The cutters have a high cutting capacity and ensure straight edges. A printed grid in centimetre, inch and DIN divisions and an integrated ruler make it easier to align the paper. A non-slip base and blade guard guarantee safe cutting.

How the paper cutting machines work

The lever cutter is made of metal and has a lever with a fixed blade. This enables an even and precise cut. The paper cutter is robust enough for thicker stacks of paper, laminated documents or cardboard. We offer lever cutters for paper formats in A3, A4, A5 and A6.

The roll cutter also has a metal cutting table, but instead of a lever, it has a circular blade that sits on a guide rail. The cutting heads on the rotary cutter are interchangeable. There are different cutting blades, for example for folding, perforating or wave cutting.

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Order paper cutting machines from SPRINTIS

If you regularly need to cut large quantities of paper or cardboard straight and accurately, our paper cutting machines are just right for you and a good replacement for ordinary paper scissors. Our lever cutters and roll cutters have a high cutting performance thanks to a stable blade guide. We offer paper cutting machines for cutting paper in A3 or A4 format.
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