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A lanyard is a lanyard to hang around your neck. With us you get the popular lanyards in different colors and variants. So you can choose from eight shades and three types. If you wish, you can get a lanyard with a clip, with a metal hook or a lanyard with a carabiner. A lanyard is also versatile. The lanyard can be used optionally for stage passes or access authorizations, for example at music festivals or other large events. Lanyards are also in high demand among companies who want to distribute a lanyard as a promotional gift. Because lanyards are not only very practical, but also clearly visible, after all, the key necklaces are designed to be worn around the neck. So everyone sees your brand logo at first glance. Feel free to convince yourself of the special quality of our high-quality lanyards.

Lanyards, 10 mm wide Lanyards, 10 mm wide
✓ different options available!
Lanyard with safety lock Lanyard with safety lock
✓ different options available!
Lanyards without safety lock Lanyards without safety lock
✓ different options available!

Variants of the lanyards

  • Lanyard with clip
  • Lanyard with rotabable metal hook
  • Lanyard with carabiner clip
  • Lanyard with or without safety lock

universal lanyards

The lanyard to hang around your neck is used in many different industries. It keeps the hands of concert, festival and trade fair visitors free when they move around the event area and frequently change between different areas. Therefore, it makes sense for event organizers to purchase lanyards and distribute them to their customers. Some private customers also buy lanyard for lanyard to attach keys to the lanyard. The lanyard for keys ensures that they cannot be lost or stolen. Thus, a lanyard is a very good choice for various purposes.

high quality lanyards at SPRINTIS

Our lanyards are sturdy keychains with a long strap, which you can have printed according to your wishes and ideas. The lanyard blanks are best suited for further processing and printing due to their durability. This is also ensured by the special fabric of the lanyards, which is processed during production. At the same time, the lanyards are thin and thus offer a high level of comfort for the wearer. The lanyards to hang around your neck from SPRINTIS impress not only with the high material quality but also with convincing, bright colors and are therefore particularly suitable as promotional lanyard articles. The lanyards with carabiner also offer the possibility to keep access cards visible for others and safe at the same time.

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