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Transparent cover sheets offer optimum protection for individual sheets, important documents and records. With ideal visibility of the contents, they protect the wrapped materials from dirt and wear. But the wide range of transparent cover sheets from SPRINTIS offers even more: Different formats and characteristics ensure that, for example, business cards, photos and other flat utensils with sensitive surfaces can also be systematically stored and protected. Order and protection of important paperwork and materials play an important role in the smooth running of one's job and everyday life. Get informed now and order inexpensive transparent cover sheets.

The right transparent cover sheet for every occasion

Depending on the occasion and content, different types of transparent cover sheets are suitable. The SPRINTIS Shop is therefore subdivided into the following categories:

  • Protective covers
  • Punched pockets
  • Collector sleeves
  • Cut flush folders

Whether business cards or cheque cards, brochures or menus, CDs or DVDs, infographics or classic documents in A4 size – many contents can be organised optimally with transparent pockets. Business success is always a question of having the right perspective, of systematic and convenient organisation. Related products such as document pockets, project folders or registers complement an extensive range for our customers such as print shops, bookbinderies, POS and logistics as well as trade and industry. With the right equipment, important documents will no longer get lost or wear out unnecessarily. The better the storage and organisation system, the better a well-structured business will run.

Transparent cover sheets in various formats

Because the size of the contents varies depending on the circumstances, SPRINTIS offers its customers different formats of transparent cover sheets. We stock small, medium and large products, with dimensions based on typical document sizes. The following variants are available in our online shop:

  • Transparent cover sheets A3
  • Transparent cover sheets A4
  • Transparent cover sheets A5
  • Transparent cover sheets A6

In terms of opening, there are differences between the various offers:

  • Transparent cover sheets open at the side (long edge)
  • Transparent cover sheets open at the top (short edge)
  • Transparent cover sheets open at the side and top

Transparent cover sheets for filing

When it comes to filing relevant documents and content without punching and touching them, transparent cover sheets for filing are of great help: They allow long-term storage in case files, file folders and binders. Selectable hole types of Transparent Cover Sheets in the SPRINTIS Shop guarantee that the right solution is available for every hole system. SPRINTIS stocks transparent cover sheets for filing various documents, cards, postcards and photos.

Transparent cover sheets for cards, postcards and photos

The benefits of transparent cover sheets reach far beyond the protection and storage of relevant documents in the classic DIN A4 format. Divided pockets offer both practical and secure space for small flat objects with surfaces worth protecting.

  • Clear cover sheets for cards are suitable for postcards, business cards or credit cards, for example. Their application makes sense in a professional as well as private context. High-quality sheet protectors in A4 format, for example, offer space for 10 business cards or credit cards in landscape format. Thanks to the perforated edge, the transparent cover sheets can easily be stored in files, folders or binders. This means that important cards are always in the right place.
  • Transparent cover sheets for postcards keep business greetings or private postcards safe. They allow a quick view of the contents and protect them from dirt or wear. For instance, suitable products in the DIN A4 format accommodate about 8 postcards in 10 x 15cm portrait format. Since the transparent cover sheets for postcards can be filed, the complete organisation of postcards in just one folder is no problem. This is time-saving and incredibly practical.
  • For those who want to store their pictures and photos in an orderly manner, practical transparent cover sheets for photos can be used as an alternative to the classic photo album. In contrast to the photo album, the collection of images can be well expanded by punching holes in the transparent cover sheets, because there is room for numerous transparent cover sheets in a sturdy folder. This turns the protected storage of pictures into a piece of cake. Moreover, there is no need for long search quests when a memory needs to be retrieved. SPRINTIS offers various transparent covers for differently sized photos in landscape format.

Divided transparent cover sheets

Divided transparent cover sheets A4 can be used very flexibly due to their pockets. As a result, these inexpensive products help to sort various flat materials in a sensible way: Be it newspaper cuttings, smaller infographics or stickers, the loose work utensils can quickly be sorted thematically – and thus easily found again – and assigned to a pocket in the subdivided transparent cover sheet.

Buy transparent cover sheets

When buying high-quality transparent cover sheets, our customers not only benefit from fast delivery. In addition to the possibility of making an individual request, SPRINTIS also offers the option of custom-made products. This means that customised requests can successfully be implemented. With increasing order quantities – multiples of 100 in each case – the price of the transparent covers decreases; it is therefore worth buying larger quantities. Order your high-quality transparent cover sheets now!