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ID-pockets in various formats

There are ID-pockets in various formats. Most of them easily fit a badge in cheque or business card format. Depending on the attachment option, these card holders feature different external dimensions, such as 95 x 77 mm or 67 x 110 mm. Naturally, it’s also important whether badges are in landscape or portrait format.

Another common ID-pocket format is A7 in landscape or portrait. In addition to the content, external dimensions are also dependent on the type of attachment and landscape or portrait format. Examples are external dimensions of 110 x 90 mm or 80 x 130 mm. Exact external dimensions of your preferred ID-pocket can be found on the respective product pages in the SPRINTIS shop. The SPRINTIS shop also offers lanyards and badge reels, clips and badge reels in various designs that can be used with the ID-pockets.

When are ID-pockets used?

ID-pockets are useful whenever many people come together at once and should be easily identified. This can for example be the case at conferences or seminars. But also at trade fairs where exhibitors, visitors and other participants have to be distinguished at first glance. Visitor IDs, VIP badges and other temporary IDs are also usually attached to the clothing by means of an ID-pocket. Typical areas where ID-pockets are used are, for example, sales, the industrial field, the healthcare or catering industry.

What attachment options exist?

ID-pockets, often referred to as badge holders, can be found in the SPRINTIS shop with a variety of attachment options. Think in advance which attachment option is suitable for your particular purpose. The ID-pocket is one of the most preserving ways of attaching identity papers to your clothing or well-visible elsewhere. In the SPRINTIS shop you will find a large selection of ID-pockets with different attachment options. If you can’t find the right ID-pocket, a custom design is also possible. This allows for the desired format, foil thickness and of course attachment option to easily be selected.
Examples of the attachment of ID-pockets:

Where to attach ID-pockets?

The ID-pockets from the SPRINTIS shop are versatile when it comes to clothing attachment options. ID-pockets with lever clips for example can be worn at the bottom of a T-shirt or pullover or on a jeans. The clips can be attached securely even to strong shirt pockets. Passports that come with a eurohole can also be equipped with a strap that allows the wearer to carry the card holder around their neck. In this case, the ID is visible to everyone at first glance. It cannot be lost and can easily be switched or take off again.

Where can I get ID-pockets?

ID-pockets for events, fairs, meetings, seminars, for professional use or other purposes can be found in the SPRINTIS shop. The shop offers ID-pockets with different attachment options and in different designs so that there is the right option for every purpose. If the standard versions do not meet your requirements, custom-design versions are also available.