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If you want to buy key tags in large quantities, you've come to the right place! At unbeatable prices, we supply you with high-quality key tags with a nickel-plated surface. The models differ both in their material thickness and the respective size range. This in turn is decisive for the number of keys that the respective key rings can hold. In addition, you can also obtain our strong adhesive coloured key tags including a write-on key tag from our shop.

Application areas of key tags

Common areas of application include:

  • the property management
  • as promotional gifts
  • for car rental companies
  • for private use

The list could be extended at will. You are faced with a huge number of keys, which can quickly get mixed up in the hectic pace of everyday life. As a result, it takes a long search or, in the case of keys that look the same, a lot of trial and error to find the right key. This is not the case when using our simple but extremely practical key tags with the corresponding key plates! Because, unlike many decorative key tags, these can be quickly assigned to the right purpose among a multitude of key rings with a clever labelling system.

As long as a topical separation is not necessary, our nickel-plated key rings with an outer diameter between 16mm and 30mm are sufficient for the intended purpose. This is because the primary benefit is the ability to group many keys that belong together easily and reliably.

Key tags for property management

The property management of entire apartment complexes requires absolute clarity! Disorder in the key cabinet can have a devastating effect here. Our recommendation: Key tags in different colours to precisely determine and separate the respective purposes. For example, sorting according to floors or living and outdoor areas is a good idea, which can be additionally delimited even more precisely by inscriptions on the supplied key tags. To combine several key rings, our carabiner hooks are ideal.

Buy different coloured key tags

For each pack of key tags with key labels, you will receive two versions of the key tags in five different colours: Black, Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. After selecting the purpose and threading the keys, the corresponding tags can be labelled according to their purpose, so you are guaranteed never to lose track!

Key tags as promotional gifts

Of course, our nickel-plated key rings with tags are particularly popular as promotional gifts. And that pays off! This is because the more you buy, the lower the price. You can find the graduated price overview per 100 pieces of key rings in the product overview. Whether for trade fairs, as promotional gifts or even welcome packages, key tags always make for a useful and appreciated attention-getter and can also be easily personalised with your individual company logo. Whether with writing on a fabric ribbon, in the form of a tag linked to the key ring, or with any other advertising medium. There are no limits to your application options!

Car rental key tag

As mentioned earlier, especially during the daily business of car rental, handing over keys is a very regular task. In order to keep the keys for your fleet well sorted, individual key tags for car keys are indispensable! The advantage: thanks to the large number of different colours, you can easily form topical groups, for example according to car type, so that you can immediately assign the corresponding cars to your customers correctly. Save yourself time and nerves and benefit from a well-organised key system!

Multiple residences require multiple key tags

Due to the increasing need for high mobility, it is not uncommon nowadays to move into another residence close to work in addition to one's main residence. This quickly results in the need for another set of keys, which should be conveniently separated from the rest of the key tags, for example for car keys, in order to avoid confusion. This applies all the more to partners with different households! Here it is advisable to develop a sensible strategy for clearly assigning keys to categories.

The key tags from SPRINTIS therefore already come with labels in different colours for easy differentiation and can be labelled according to their purpose. The size of the labelling field is 30 x 15 mm, which is large enough for multi-line labelling.

Key tags are available fast and in large quantities

Whether large or small key rings, coloured or nickel-plated, with inscription label or without, we can supply you with any quantity you require! Our deliveries are ready for dispatch within 24 hours after receipt of your order and will then be sent to your address in the shortest possible time. We look forward to receiving your order! For questions or special orders, please do not hesitate to contact us