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Dispensers for adhesive discs ensure quick and easy processing of adhesive discs. Whether table dispensers or tape guns, the robust SPRINTIS offers score points for quality as well as for their inexpensive character. This makes the further processing of adhesive discs, labels and coloured adhesive discs child's play. Automatic and manual adhesive discs dispensers are used in retail, industry, print shops and by packaging manufacturers, for example. Different roll widths ensure that our customers always find the most suitable adhesive disc dispenser for the respective application. Learn more now and buy the right device for the easy application of single-sided adhesive products. Our experts and product specialists will provide prompt assistance if any questions arise.

What are adhesive disc dispensers needed for?

Reliable adhesive disc dispensers ensure quick and easy application of adhesive products, colored adhesive discs and labels. Whether in advertising, industry and printing, bookbinders, with packaging manufacturers or exhibition stand builders – with the help of practical dispensers, our versatile adhesive products can be applied in the shortest possible time. The SPRINTIS range also includes dispensers for adhesive tapes and tape dispensers.

Manual and automatic adhesive disc dispensers

High-quality, robust and inexpensive – these are the features of all adhesive disc dispensers offered in the SPRINTIS online store. Manual and automatic adhesive disc dispensers provide a custom-fit solution for different requirements. The following features and functions should be noted:

  • Manual adhesive disc dispensers are suitable for tasks with manageable quantities of labels. The handy models are characterized by the fact that the user pulls on the material. The labels then peel off the carrier material and can be immediately be placed manually with a little user effort. The products are therefore often used in retail trade, they allow for a quick change of location when walking through the shelves.
  • Automatic adhesive disc dispensers can be operated with only one hand, which removes the label. The automatic dispenser moves forward and ensures that only one disc is removed at a time – after which it stops automatically. This form of use increases the working speed, which allows for larger quantities of discs or adhesive dots to be applied to the selected products.
  • Due to their dimensions, table or wall disc dispensers can easily be transported or carried along.

What types of disc dispensers does SPRINTIS carry?

  • Dispenser for adhesive dots without roll separator, suitable for roll widths up to 75mm.
  • Set for adhesive dots with roll separator, suitable for roll widths up to 75mm.
  • Dispenser with a roll separator, suitable for roll width up to 113mm.
  • Label dispenser with two roll separators, suitable for a roll width up to 113mm.
  • Label dispenser for adhesive dots with two roll separators, suitable for a roll width up to 162mm.
  • Table and wall dispensers made of metal for different roll widths, suitable for all single and double-sided adhesive dots from 20mm diameter.
  • Hand dispenser with solid design and hand loop for safe use, suitable for single-sided adhesive dots with 20 or 25mm diameter and core diameter of 25mm.
  • Dispenser box, suitable for adhesive dots with a roll width of 15 to 30mm and a roll diameter of up to 165mm.
  • Separate roll divider for glue dot dispensers.

Stands and applicators for SuperDots dispenser boxes

In addition, you will find stands and applicators for SuperDots from a dispenser box in our range. They are available either individually or as a set. While the stands ensure a secure stand thanks to their hook and loop surfaces, the applicators help to apply the glue dots even faster and more accurate. With the help of an applicator, the SuperDots can be positioned precisely.

Buy high quality label dispensers

SPRINTIS offers its customers the highest quality for maximum satisfaction. We sell both manual and automatic label dispensers that meet a variety of commercial requirements. Our specialists will be happy to assist you with advice and precise information in case of possible questions.