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Punched pockets are ideal for sorting brochures, papers and documents quickly and effectively. They make it easy to file loose documents. They can also be used to file photos, slides, CDs, DVDs or Blu-Rays, business cards and player IDs. With optimal transparency, high-quality Punched pockets keep dirt and adverse environmental influences at bay – so the contents always look excellent. SPRINTIS stocks protective covers in numerous formats and designs so that the best possible solution is available for every professional purpose. All punched pockets are available in large quantities and ready to ship in 24 hours. Check out the range now and benefit from prompt delivery


Features and function of the punched pocket

In everyday office life, punched pockets are part of the daily necessities, their use is quite self-evident. On the one hand, they protect relevant documents from dirt, moisture and the dreaded greasy finger. On the other hand, punched pockets are suitable for the effective presentation of infographics or catchy slogans. Whether certificate, ID card, brochure or menu – our products function as a reliable as well as protective base.

In contrast to cut flush folders, punched pockets only have an opening on the top edge – the short edge – and the sides are closed. The perforated edge of the pockets allows for them to be filed without touching their contents. If papers and documents are to be filed neatly and securely without punching a hole, then a transparent or grained brochure cover is the perfect way to achieve optimum order.

SPRINTIS naturally offers its commercial and private customers other variants for better organisation and storage: Whether for collector sleeves or protective covers, the corresponding categories offer a comprehensive range for systematic storage, organisation and protection of important materials. Our rich shop range includes the right product for countless situations


Material, strength and appearance of punched pockets

In order to always have the right pocket at hand, SPRINTIS offers high-quality punched pockets in varying formats, designs and with selectable features. In addition to the format, the products vary in terms of material, thickness and surface appearance.

  • Material: The material used is either soft PVC or PP film. Products made of soft PVC (polyvinyl chloride) have a particularly elastic character and are easier to process. The raw material PP (polypropylene), on the other hand, acts as a simpler type of plastic and is an environmentally friendly alternative. It is a by-product of the petroleum industry and offers the following properties: plasticiser-free, groundwater-neutral, non-toxic combustion, virtually shrink-free, temperature-resistant up to +100°C, robust character. In practical terms, PP punched pockets are, however, somewhat less flexible than pockets made of soft PVC. Reliable protection of the contents from outdoor conditions is provided by both materials.
  • Strength: Transparent or printed covers have different film thicknesses. Brochure pockets are finer by comparison: They are between 55 and 180 microns thick and therefore not quite as strong or stiff as transparent pockets. If the documents are to be kept protected or systematically filed, a very fine cover fulfils its purpose perfectly. For frequent handling, it is advisable to use a thicker cover.
  • Surface structure: A distinction is made between grained and crystal clear punched pockets. Smooth covers have an almost perfectly glossy surface. The reason for this is the incoming light, which is reflected on the surface. Grained covers, on the other hand, have a rough and therefore matt surface. This scatters the incoming light, which gives the products a glare-free character. We offer both grained and smooth, crystal-clear transparent pockets. Grained brochure covers offer the advantage outlined above whereby they break the incoming light and thus do not reflect the light. Consequently, the content always remains readable, even in different light conditions. Punched pockets with a smooth surface guarantee a high-quality and elegant look due to their special gloss, thus creating a particularly good external look.

Punched pockets available in different formats

To ensure that the range of transparent punched pockets meets all requirements and is suitable for a wide variety of situations, SPRINTIS carries finishes in small, medium and large formats. While small formats are well suited for business cards or player IDs, larger versions protect high-quality brochures or business documents from adverse conditions that could potentially compromise the integrity of the material.
The most common format is A4, as this is the size of most brochures, documents, letters, records or files. The covers, which are as useful as they are inexpensive, usually come in portrait format. All available options are based on common dimensions of documents, which means that they are immediately useful in practice – effective protection with the best appearance and functionality. Products include:

  • Punched pockets A3
  • Punched pockets A4
  • Punched pockets A4 for voluminous contents such as catalogues
  • Punched pockets A5
  • Punched pockets A6
  • US letter size – in the US, paper is measured in inches according to ANSI
  • .

Punched pockets: various punched pocket options in the SPRINTIS range

Should the pocket be unpunched or punched with a filing edge? Both options are available in different sizes and looks. Our customers will always find a suitable sheet protector for the required application. A perforation allows documents to be filed neatly without having to punch them yourself – the contents remain as unaffected as they are untouched. Whether punched pockets for files, folders or ring binders – a professional solution is available now in the SPRINTIS online shop. Our range of high-quality punched pockets includes the following perforations:

  • 2-hole punched
  • 4-hole punched
  • 7-hole punched
  • 11-hole punched

Of course, our customers can also purchase unpunched pockets. They allow a distraction-free view of the content to be presented and are suitable for purposes in which materials are not to be stored in file folders or binders.

Order larger quantities at a discount

The larger the order quantity, the lower the price per 100 items. It is therefore particularly worthwhile for commercial customers to order larger quantities of high-quality covers for brochures. The costs are reduced in graduated steps, in each case multiples of 100. For example, multiples of 200 through 500 up to 10,000 units. It is also possible to request an individual sample in order to convince yourself of the high quality of the products.

Punched pockets according to customer specifications

SPRINTIS is happy to implement customer requests or individual specifications within the scope of possibilities. We offer the option of producing punched pockets to meet individual requirements if our customers cannot find a suitable sheet pockets for the desired purpose in our normal range of products.

Buy cheap punched pockets

Organise and present brochures and important documents ideally: Whether punched pockets in DIN A3, DIN A4 or larger, whether punched pockets in crystal clear or grained, you will find the right product for every requirement in the SPRINTIS online shop. Our sheet pockets do their job reliably and convincingly in everyday use as well as in professional applications. Buy high-quality and inexpensive covers now.