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When it comes to protecting important documents from environmental influences, cut flush folders are the first choice. They serve to protect and reliably store documents and papers. Customers from print shops, bookbinderies, point of sale, logistics and shipping are convinced by the hard-wearing and tear-resistant character of the cut flush folders offered for sale here. Our products are available in various colours and formats. On request, it is also possible to purchase printed cut flush folders or to purchase options with a business card pocket. An ideal solution can be found for every occasion. Find out now and purchase the best cut flush folder to protect documents of different sizes at a reasonable price.


Purposes of protective cut flush folders

Modern cut flush folders serve to effectively protect paper and documents, and also serve as protective covers. They are characterised by their particularly easy handling. In contrast to prospectus folders, common cut flush folders do not have a perforation. Since the covers are open at a side and at the top and therefore only have two closed sides, the contents can be placed and removed quickly and easily. This saves time. In a cut flush folder, the materials are effectively protected from dirt, moisture or fingerprints. If necessary, papers and documents can be removed quickly from the top or from the open side.

Practical, simple and useful – these are the characteristics of quality cut flush folders from SPRINTIS for professional use. Day after day, these helpers prove their value by safely storing important documents. Or they serve the purpose of reliably archiving overhead projection foils. In addition, many flat objects such as CDs or DVDs can be protected from environmental influences in just a few easy steps. The products always guard against weather and moisture and also prevent fingerprints on the material to be protected.

Cut flush folder formats: SPRINTIS range offers a wide variety

Various formats of transparent cut flush folders ensure that the right solutions are in stock for every required application. Our customers choose between small, medium and large formats. Because the formats are standardised according to DIN, they fit the dimensions of common records and documents exactly. SPRINTIS stocks:

  • cut flush folders A3
  • Cut flush folders A4
  • Cut flush folders A5
  • Cut flush folders A6


Features and special aspects of cut flush folders


  • Design: Coloured cut flush folders not only allow selection according to personal preferences, they also help with sorting.
  • Film thickness: The film thickness determines stability and resilience. 120 and 150 microns are considered established values. The SPRINTIS range covers 120 to 200 microns, thus offering extra-thick, medium-thick and fine options of transparent cover sheets. Thicker and more stable cut flush folders over 140 microns have a pleasant feel and are recommended when they are frequently in use or exposed to increased stress.
  • Surface: SPRINTIS offers a choice between smooth covers and grained cut flush folders. For the grained models, a distinction is made between strong grained and extra strong grained.
  • Material: All cut flush folders are made of PP film or rigid PVC.
  • Custom-made products according to customer specifications are possible from 500 units.


In addition to many options of cut flush folders, the SPRINTIS Shop of course also includes solutions for special purposes and occasions – for example as prospectus pockets or practical collector sleeves.


Cut flush folders with business card pocket


In the online shop, cut flush folders are available with the special feature of having business card pockets. This practical and professional type is perfect for business purposes. Usually, business cards are only exchanged after a meeting or presentation – they are quickly put away and/or forgotten. For this reason, it is not only practical but very advantageous to have a cut flush folder with a business card pocket. On the one hand, this protects the respective card and, at the same time, secures the contact. If the potential business partner studies the documents in peace and quiet and his interest is aroused, then nothing stands in the way of making immediate contact thanks to the enclosed and immediately accessible information. Success is always a question of the right equipment and organisation.

Service at SPRINTIS: Printed cut flush folders

Printed cut flush folders with serious and attractive motifs set visual highlights and create a good impression. We also have high-quality solutions for individual requests and offer printed cut flush folders according to customer requirements. We are happy to respond to suggestions and requests.

Buy transparent and coloured cut flush folders at low prices

SPRINTIS offers its customers a huge selection of transparent cut flush folders and coloured cut flush folders. Different sizes and dimensions guarantee professional use in business, trade, shipping and industry. In addition to common formats, the options of cut flush folders, printed or grained, and cut flush folders with business card pocket ensure that there is a suitable product for almost every requirement at an attractive price. There is also the possibility to start an individual enquiry or to order free samples. Buy now and have your favourite cut flush folder delivered quickly.