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Double-sided acrylic foam adhesive strips, very high adhesion, removable, 15 x 80 mm, 1 mm thick

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Acrylic bond strips, highly transparent, non-residue removable from smooth surfaces

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The carrier-free and stretchable adhesive strips made of 100% foamed acrylate are adhesive on both sides and can be used on smooth and rough surfaces. They bond very strongly to metal, acrylic, glass, ceramics, lacquer and high-energy plastics such as PVC or PET. The high transparency also allows discreet bonding of clear materials.
The special feature of the acrylic foam adhesive strips is that they can be removed from most smooth and gap-resistant surfaces without leaving any residue. That makes them an ideal alternative to fixing methods such as screws or rivets.
Due to good UV, temperature and ageing resistance as well as extensive insensitivity to chemicals and moisture, the pure acrylic adhesive strips are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Common applications are the bonding of signs, panels and mouldings as well as the mounting of covers or built-in parts. Adhesive products made of pure acrylic are also frequently used for attaching advertising materials such as flyers or coupon blocks at the point of sale (POS) because they can usually be removed easily, quickly and cleanly without leaving any adhesive residue.

Double-sided adhesive strips
highly transparent
15 x 80 mm
Material thickness
1 mm
Cover paper
white silicon paper, protruding
Adhesive force
very strong/very strong
Carrier material
pure acrylate
0,002 kg / 100 Pieces