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Are you looking for something "special", "individual", the "certain something"?
Whether you are a printer, assembly company, publisher or calendar manufacturer – in the field of print processing you are always on the lookout for original solutions for optical, functional and demand-oriented processing of print products. It is important to be creative & trendy and to keep an eye on current developments. How do you do that?

We know how and we have the right solutions!
For the finishing and protection of your products, we offer the perfect range for all print processors and assemblers. Here you will find a huge selection of auxiliary and working materials as well as assembly and consumer articles for the post-print sector. It goes without saying that we also offer articles for the subsequent packaging and shipping process.

You want to make your print products unique and special – we have the right solutions for all work steps after the printing process that lead to the finished print product. With SPRINTIS you get everything from one source. Enter now and be inspired!