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We support you in presenting your products appropriately at the point of sale. The wobbler is placed in close proximity to your product, and is thus not far from the customer. This provides an ideal opportunity to attract the attention of customers.
The special feature of shelf wobblers is that even a slight breeze, e.g. when walking past, triggers a movement and catches the consumer's eye. Discounts, promotional prices or offers can thus be pointed out in a targeted manner and the promotion reinforced.

Features of the wobbler

Shelf wobblers are available in different lengths, the longer the further the sign hangs in the room. Deko-Springs marks out the spring, which also makes them easy to move. The distance to the shelf is thus naturally shorter. A difference is made here the shelf wobblers in the material, plastic is easier to move, so the shelf wobblers "bob" here more than those made of aluminum. In addition, the shelf wobblers made of aluminum and the Dekotabs made of metal can be bent as desired in the direction of the customer.

Adhesive force of the wobbler

The shelf wobbler is fixed to the shelf using adhesive dots, except for 'shelf wobblers for scanner rails', which are clamped to the scanner rails using a super gripper. Adhesive dots can also be found on the other end of the shelf wiper to stick the print.
As can also be seen from the description of each product, we offer shelf wobblers in different adhesive strength. It is divided between removable and permanent. Permanent shelf wobblers are intended for permanent attachment to the shelves. The removable version is suitable for temporary attachment, such as special offers.
As an additional feature, some shelf wobblers offer the "residue-free removable" feature in addition to their adhesive strength. Due to the very well adhering pure acrylic adhesive dots, there is a high adhesive force (permanent adhesive force). However, if the shelf wobbler should be removed, this is possible without residues.

Benefits of the wobbler

  • The material of the plastic shelf wobblers is not PVC, as in some conventional shelf wobblers, but easily recyclable PET.
  • The choice of a wide variety of sizes and materials provide the opportunity to find the right product for your application.
  • Large quantities of the shelf wobblers are available for delivery within 1-3 business days.
  • We also offer an environmentally friendly alternative made of cardboard.

Shelf wobblers presentations

  • single in bag, 100 pieces
  • block of 10: shelf plugs can be broken out of a pre-cut block.
  • sheet of 10: the shelf wobblers stick to the sheet (silicone paper), so they can be made up very quickly and easily - simply peel off and stick to the desired print.
    For all other versions, the masking paper on the adhesive points must still be removed beforehand. This version is also very suitable for further shipping to retailers, together with the print.