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The clipboard ensures a safe holding and sorting of documents and also serves as a writing board for on the go. Clipboard folders with a lid protect documents from any damage and stains. At SPRINTIS you can find clipboards made out of wood and paper with a plastic cover in a variety of sizes and colours. Depending on the format you can choose the style of clamp yourself. Choose and order now!

Wooden clipboard Wooden clipboard
✓ different options available!
Aluminium clipboards Aluminium clipboards
✓ different options available!
Clipboard with plastic cover Clipboard with plastic cover
✓ different options available!

Clipboards and clipboard folders as mobile writing boards

Clipboards and clipboard folders secure papers, documents and loose sheets of paper and help you sort them. The documents are fixed quickly and easily using the stable clamp on the top. It is not necessary to punch holes in the documents. The clipboards have rounded corners to minimize the risk of injury.

The fixed back is used as a handy writing surface on the go and when filling out forms while standing, walking or sitting.

Various formats

Depending on requirements, taste and asking price, the clipboards and clipboard folders are available at SPRINTIS in a variety of designs, colours and models.

Wooden clipboards

Clipboards made out of hardwood fibre have a natural charm and are often used in the gastronomy. The natural raw material scores with its high-quality and at the same time with a neutral and noble wooden look.

The wooden clipboard is available, depending on the format, with a big metal clip or a flat grip clip. The flat grip clip ensure a modern vintage-style.

The wooden clipboard offers a large variety of sizes and is therefore suited for different formats:

  • DIN A5 portrait format with a big metal clip or a flat grip clip
  • DIN A4 portrait format with a big metal clip or a flat grip clip
  • DIN A3 portrait format with a flat grip clip
  • DIN A3 landscape format with a flat grip clip
  • DIN lang portrait format with a flat grip clip

Choose the appropriate clipboard size based on the paper size you are primarily using. The most common use for A4 clipboards is for forms, guest lists, minutes and menus. The use of important documents in DIN A4 format takes place every day in an infinite number of areas.

If you need the clipboard for smaller documents such as questionnaires and checklists, the DIN A5 clipboard may be the right format for you. The clipboard in DIN A3 landscape format is ideally suited for sketches and tables.

Clipboards with a plastic cover in DIN A4 DIN A5

The clipboards with plastic covers in DIN A4 and DIN NA5 are especially robust. Thanks to the wipeable plastic cover, it can also be used in an environment with external influences such as dirt and moisture. Since it is not damaged even with the regular use of disinfectants, the writing board is often used in healthcare, for example in medical practices and hospitals.

The fitted big metal clip is equipped with synthetic corners in order to protect your documents from tears and marks.

With the choice of colours in red, blue and black, you can adapt the A4 writing surface to the rest of the equipment or pre-sort documents. The writing surface A5 is available in black.

Clipboard folders DIN A4

Clipboard folders are used to protect documents during transport. The sturdy cover protects your documents from damage and dirt.

Our clipboard folders in DIN A4 is available in the neutral colour black and made of cardboard with a plastic cover. For greater convenience, the product has a pen loop and a transparent pocket on the inside left. That way, you always have all important documents to hand when you’re out and about.

What are the advantages of mobile clipboards and clipboard folders?

There are a lot of advantages when it comes to the use of clipboards and clipboard folders:

  • Stable clamp for quick and easy attachment of documents and documents
  • No perforation of the documents required
  • Fixed back serves as a handy writing surface for on the go
  • Wooden clipboards add a classy touch and modern vintage style
  • Clip folders with a film cover protect the documents from external influences
  • Depending on the version, there are other extras for greater comfort

Place of use for clipboards and clipboard folders

The use of the mobile helpers is very versatile. The popular and functional writing tablet fulfils different purposes in everyday working life:

  • In the office for collecting important documents and for checklists
  • In the warehouse for goods receipt and for inventory
  • In the field at customer meetings for notes and forms
  • At expositions, conferences and events for notes and guest lists
  • In the gastronomy for menus, daily specials and drinks cards
  • In hospitals and doctors' offices for forms and checklists
  • In the workshop and on assembly for forms and protocols

Buying clipboards online

Choose between the different colours, formats and model to find the right clipboards for the right use. Our customer advisors will happily advise you on choosing the right model.

In the SPRINTIS assortment we also offer you Transparent-cover-sheets, Divider and Project-folder for the optimal sorting and effective protection of important documents.
Order now and benefit from fast delivery!