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Principle of a transparent lamination pouch

The idea is as simple as it is practical: Lamination pouches are plastic films that bond with the contents to be protected during lamination. A distinction must be made between cold lamination and hot lamination. The end result of both processes is that the contents are sealed in the film and thus are perfectly protected from dirt, water, abrasion or tearing. If necessary, the films can be labelled with suitable pens. It is thus possible to attach notes or labels in writing. Finishing touches are usually added after lamination. Disturbing edges can easily be removed with suitable cutting machines for lamination pouches. However, it should be noted that not all documents should be laminated. If the authenticity of a sealed document can no longer be verified, it is possible that authorities will refuse recognition. Open questions should therefore be clarified in due time.

Benefits and advantages of lamination pouches

The main task of a lamination pouch is to protect a wide variety of papers and documents from environmental influences and damage. This includes dust or greasy fingerprints, but also water. Lamination pouches thus protect their contents from wear and tear, creases or water damage – and at the same time provide the best possible visibility. For this reason, the protected materials have a much longer shelf life. Their use is recommended when papers or documents are used regularly. An example of this is teaching materials that are needed again and again at different levels. Generally, robust lamination pouches are used in schools, commerce and industry as well as for private use.

  • Lamination pouches at the office and for work: Lamination pouches preserve important documents in schools, offices and other workplaces. Among other items, they protect handouts, name badges, trade fair images, labels, information signs, index cards, flyers, posters and banners, moderation cards, stickers or menus in restaurants from wear and tear as well as damage. The more frequently relevant materials and documents are used, the more important it is to have the best possible protection method. In addition to protecting the contents from adverse environmental influences, a high-quality lamination pouch also creates a favourable impression – it looks professional and legitimate.

  • Private use of the lamination pouches: The plastic films also come in handy at home. For example, when beautiful souvenir photos, awards, ultrasound images or important documents such as university degrees are to be protected and preserved for the future. The more personal and timeless a document, the more arguments there are for secure archiving with a lamination pouch.

Product range of high-quality lamination pouches

SPRINTIS offers various sizes of lamination pouches for a wide range of applications:

  • Cold lamination pouches are processed without a machine, their application is quick and manual. A cold lamination pouch is considered a very good solution when there is little time and/or no machine in stock. Examples include ID cards at events. In cold lamination, the adhesive of the self-adhesive film bonds with the document. SPRINTIS carries cold lamination pouches and cold lamination cards.

  • Hot lamination pouches require an electric machine for processing and protect printed products reliably from wear and tear and also dirt. Our category in the online shop includes numerous formats and different film thicknesses. During hot lamination, heat is used to seal in the respective content. The result is usually more robust and optically better. Those who often laminate professionally should favour this option.

Formats, size and material of the lamination pouches

Since dimensions of the documents and contents to be protected sometimes vary, SPRINTIS offers graduated formats. Lamination pouches are available in all standard DIN formats as well as in extra sizes. For contents of varying size, our customers can choose between the following options:

  • Lamination pouches A4
  • Lamination pouches A5
  • Lamination pouches A6
  • Lamination pouches A7
  • Check card size

Outline sizes of the lamination pouches available in the shop:

  • 54 x 86mm
  • 66 x 100mm
  • 71 x 115mm
  • 86 x 117mm
  • 117 x 160mm
  • 160 x 222mm
  • 225 x 312mm

The material used for the lamination pouches is PET: This is the abbreviation for polyethylene terephthalate. The thermoplastic is produced by polycondensation and belongs to the polyester family. In practical terms, PET film impresses with its very good light transmission and advantageous weather resistance. The plastic ensures that the shrink-wrapped contents are protected from environmental influences over the long term with the best visibility.

Selecting the right film thickness

The respective film thickness has a significant influence on stability. In this respect, it is again the purpose that determines whether thick, medium or thin film thicknesses are appropriate. The higher the film thickness, the more stable the result. For this reason, SPRINTIS offers transparent lamination films in selectable thicknesses. The film thickness is indicated in the unit µm (micrometre).

The cold lamination films are available in different thicknesses.

  • The cold lamination pouches in our shop have a film thickness of 200 µm.
  • The hot lamination pouches are available in thicknesses of 2 x 80 µm, 2 x 100, 2 x 125 µm, 2 x 175 µm, and 2 x 250 µm.

Glossy and matt lamination pouches

In terms of appearance, there is definitely a difference between using matt lamination pouches and glossy lamination pouches. The SPRINTIS range includes both variants. The intended use determines which design is advisable.

Matt lamination pouches play to their strengths when mirror and glare effects are to be reduced or eliminated. This applies to photos or certificates, which should be visible from every angle. The scattering of the incoming light minimises disturbing light reflections and the document can be viewed without deflection. In addition, it is possible to write on matt surfaces with pencils or ballpoint pens.

Glossy lamination pouches, on the other hand, impress with their high colour luminosity: They highlight the shape and colours of their content and create an attractive appearance. Gloss conveys sophistication and emphasises an external effect. This is why this variant is preferred for advertising leaflets and information sheets, for instance.

Custom-made products of lamination pouches

We also offer to produce cold seal pouches according to customer specifications. On request, these can be individually printed with graphics and logos. Nothing therefore hinders the professional branding of the lamination pouches. Interested customers are kindly requested to use the link for an individual enquiry – our product specialists will be happy to help you with the implementation.

Buy lamination pouches from SPRINTIS

Conveniently buy inexpensive lamination pouches online and efficiently prevent undesirable wear and soiling of relevant documents. Whether DIN A4 or smaller, matt or glossy lamination pouches – our range includes the right product. We offer our customers numerous advantages:

For example, samples can be sent free of charge in order to be convinced of the product quality. SPRINTIS of course allows convenient purchase on invoice. Customers who order larger quantities save considerably with an attractive price scale of the offer: As the order quantity increases, the costs per product are reduced, in stages from 100, 200, 500, 1,000, 3,000, 5,000 and 10,000 copies.

Purchase now and benefit from our range of high-quality lamination pouches.