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Do you want to tackle every problem directly from its centre without having to fiddle around with it? If you focus on the essentials, you often get the simplest solution. And when it comes to the simple attachment of CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays, we've got it down to a sticky point. Hit the bull's eye with our holding points for CDs - or any other colour you like. Because when it comes to storing data carriers effectively and securely, CD holders are the perfect mounting solution.

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CD attachment points from SPRINTIS

Buttons and clips for CDs quickly and easily add a digital attachment to offer folders, brochures, image brochures, presentation folders or catalogues. Thanks to their size and self-adhesive base , the CD sticky dots can be used anywhere and stand out clearly from the usual CD pockets. At SPRINTIS, you can obtain various designs and customised products, so that no wish remains unfulfilled for you and your company.

CD clips for attaching data carriers

In glossy black or white, or even transparent, the CD clips made of rigid PVC are a simple and elegant way to showcase digital discs. The plastic CD attachment points are held in place by a 35 mm diameter adhesive surface, while the special profile provides additional protection for the data carrier. When attached with a CD clip, there is no contact between the data side and the surface, similar to a CD tray, and the disc is securely suspended.

CD foam dots in various colours

The buttons for CDs made of foam are unbeatable in their simplicity and variety. With a diameter of just 16 mm, the CD spots are the most subtle form of CD holder. In addition to white and black, all other colours and patterns are available for the minimalist presentation of a compact data carrier. Talk to our customer advisors about your requirements.

(This text has been machine translated.)