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Using staples

With metal staples, you can rivet your paper documents cleanly and quickly. All you need is a suitable stapler into which you insert your loose sheets of paper. By pressing on the stapler head, it lowers and drives the staple through the paper with the pointed ends first. As soon as the staple hits the foot of the stapler, the legs are bent together by a corresponding guide and staple the stapler.

Staplers can be used to produce open or closed b indings: With open binding, the legs of the staple are bent outwards, with closed binding they are bent inwards. Open bindings make it easier to remove the staple and are used, for example, when it is foreseeable that the binding will need to be opened again shortly.

In everyday office life, documents are often stapled "across the corner". This method has the advantage that the individual pages are quickly joined together and can still be viewed without any problems. If required, however, staples can also be used to produce narrow brochures. To do this, fold the paper pages in half and place them inside each other. Then staple two to four staples from the back through the centre line of the document to produce a simple binding spine.

Use of staples

Stainless steel staples are mainly used in office supplies . They are ideal for stapling loose documents with a small number of pages, such as lists, invoices, minutes and reports. Because they are made of metal, they are robust enough to pierce not only paper of various thicknesses, but also cardboard, textiles and plastics . In the leisure sector, staples can be used to produce collections of recipes or learning materials , among other things. However, staples are only suitable for staplers or office staplers. Other staplers, such as hand staplers, impact staplers or electric staplers, must be filled with staples. With these devices, advertising materials can also be used on a solid background or in the trade .

Advantages of staples

Tacker staples are an unbeatably cost-effective binding method. Because stapling is only carried out selectively and with very small quantities of the binding agent, it can be described as environmentally friendly and resource-saving. The staples are versatile (paper, cardboard, textiles, plastic) and can be removed from the document if necessary. Thanks to the flat riveting of the staples, the documents are easy to stack and can be filed in folders to save space . You can also produce your bound documents easily and within seconds.

Buy cheap staples from SPRINTIS

You can order different types of staples from SPRINTIS: small and large staples, standard staples and strong staples with a length of 8 mm. When buying staples, it is worth looking at a size chart, as the staples differ in terms of their wire thickness and leg length. At SPRINTIS we offer you 3 different product variants:

  • Staples 24/6
  • Staples 24/8
  • Staples 26/6

The first number stands for the wire thickness (24 or 26). The smaller the number, the thicker the wire used. The second number indicates the leg length (6 mm or 8 mm). The longer the leg length, the more paper the staple can bind: An 8 mm staple can bind more sheets than a 6 mm staple. Stainless steel staples 24/6 are the standard size among the various staple types.

SPRINTIS staples are galvanised on the surface and are practically rustproof. The even and sharp points ensure clean and precise stapling, even with thick documents and thick paper.

You can order our staples for staplers in pack sizes of 5,000 per box . If you order larger quantities, you benefit from attractive graduated prices. If you need help choosing from our staple sizes, we will be happy to help you.

(This text has been machine translated.)