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Comb binding process

Binding combs made of hard PVC plastic are used for comb binding. First, the paper is perforated at the distance of the comb teeth. A binding comb is then fed through the perforation and electrically welded to a counterpart to form a permanent and strong binding. The comb binding is a permanent binding and prevents the pages from being changed at a later date. You can use the matching filing strips to file or archive the finished binding document in existing documents. In terms of durability and stability, comb binding is comparable to thread binding.

Advantages of comb binding

The advantages of comb binding clearly lie in its high strength and resilience. It is a variant of book binding and produces very robust and durable brochures. Comb binding can also be used to securely seal large numbers of sheets. It is suitable for all documents that do not need to be changed or must not be changed. Because it is impossible to remove, replace or add to individual pages, comb binding reliably protects your documents from tampering and unauthorised duplication.

Comb binding at SPRINTIS

SPRINTIS offers you the reliable binding combs from SureBind so that you can carry out professional comb binding. Our binding combs are made of unbreakable PVC plastic and are suitable for documents in A4 format. The length of the comb teeth determines how many pages you can bind with your binding comb. At SPRINTIS you can choose from two versions: Combs with a filling height of up to 25 mm bind up to 250 sheets, combs with a maximum filling height of 50 mm even up to 500 sheets. This means that nothing stands in the way of the precise binding of your brochures. With SPRINTIS, you also have the choice between different colour variants, allowing you to customise the look of your documents. Choose your perfect SureBind binding comb from 7 different colours:

  • blue
  • bordeaux
  • grey
  • green
  • red
  • black
  • white

If you want to process or file your brochures further, you can use the practical filing strips from SPRINTIS. These make it easier for you to file documents neatly.

(This text has been machine translated.)