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Eyelet binding is a binding system in which paper pages are joined together by small metal rings (eyelets) . These are used to reinforce the holes and make it easy to file the document folders. Eyelet binding is a permanent binding and is suitable for documents that do not need to be changed or must not be changed. It is therefore ideal for annual financial statements, contracts, balance sheets, annual reports and archive files. At SPRINTIS you will find everything you need to produce a stable and clean eyelet binding: Our range includes a powerful eyelet punch, many different types of eyelets and practical eyelet folders.

(This text has been machine translated.)

Procedure for eyelet binding

To make an eyelet binding, the paper pages for the binding document must first be punched. You can carry out this step easily and conveniently with an eyelet punch. Powerful eyelet punchers can punch several hundred sheets at once. The models from SPRINTIS have a punching capacity of up to 350 sheets and are easy to operate with a hand lever. You then insert the eyelets into the punched holes and operate the device again. The eyelets are driven through the paper and spread open on the back of the document. The sheets are now firmly attached to each other and can no longer be removed without being damaged. If you need a high-quality cover for your document, you can place the sheets in an eyelet folder in advance. The eyelet folder serves as a design and protective element and supports the professional look of your documents.

Advantages of eyelet binding

A binding system with eyelets has the advantage that the individual pages of the binding document are protected against manipulation and subsequent changes . The sheets are firmly welded together and cannot be removed, added to or rearranged. Documents created with an eyelet binding are characterised by their elegant and representative aesthetics. If eyelet folders are used, the binding product can also be colour-coded and customised. At the same time, your documents are protected from signs of use and harmful environmental influences. Eyelet bound documents are easy to file (e.g. in a file folder) and are ideal for keeping your workplace organised.

Eyelet binding at SPRINTIS

At SPRINTIS, you will find all the necessary accessories and expert customer service to enable you to produce secure and neat brochures with eyelet binding. The SPRINTIS range includes high-performance eyeletting machines that fulfil a dual function and can also be used as paper hole punches. Our Combilocher hole punch is equipped with a practical centring system , punches up to 350 sheets at a time and can process 2 eyelets (normal hole punching) or 4 eyelets (ring binder hole punching). With our practical eyelet folders, you can give your document additional stability and design it in colour. You can also find the matching click eye lets in our online shop.

(This text has been machine translated.)