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Staple binding is an uncomplicated and cost-effective binding process for documents with a small to medium number of pages. It is suitable for narrow brochures such as magazines, journals, workbooks, instruction manuals and product catalogues. With staple binding, you rivet loose paper pages at specific points with metal staples. This creates user-friendly documents that are characterised by their large-format opening behaviour and convenient handling. In the SPRINTIS online shop, you can order the right equipment to produce professional staple binding manually or by machine .

(This text has been machine translated.)

The staple binding process

Staple binding, also known as saddle stitching or saddle stitching, is a simple but effective binding method. If you want to make your own staple binding, you will need a manual stapler or a stapling machine and the appropriate staples. In a preparatory step, the sheets of paper are folded in the centre and placed one inside the other. Then clamp the staple into the stapler and push it through the centre line of the folded pages from behind. The staple now hits the foot of the stapler and is bent over by a corresponding guide. Two, three or four staples can be used for staple binding. The more staples used, the stronger the binding.

Our stitching wire on a spool is suitable for the fully automatic production of stapled brochures in saddle stitchers. If the bound documents are to be prepared for filing, the staple binding can be carried out as ring eyelet binding . In this case, the staple does not lie flat on the binding spine, but forms a small eyelet through which the documents can be easily filed .

Advantages of staple binding

The use of staples or stitching wire gives staple binding an unbeatable price-performance ratio. Because the binding agents are only used selectively and in small quantities, the binding process is very resource and environmentally friendly. Apart from this, staple binding scores points above all for its opening behaviour: When looking at the binding document, the entire page is visible right up to the binding. All information is also clearly recognisable in the margins of the printed page, creating a large panorama. Thanks to the point binding, the brochures remain open, are easy to turn over and lie lightly in the hand. Staple binding is perfect for documents with a small to medium number of pages.

Staple binding at SPRINTIS

In the SPRINTIS shop, you can buy practical staples for manual staple binding and high-quality stitching wire for machine processing. With the equipment from SPRINTIS, you can create neat and professional staple bindings for your brochures. Our customer service team will be happy to advise you and help you choose the right products. If you purchase larger quantities, you benefit from attractive graduated prices.

(This text has been machine translated.)