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Thermal binding process

In thermal binding, the paper pages to be bound are placed in a thermal binding folder. This consists of a transparent film cover sheet, a thick-walled reverse side (e.g. made of cardboard) and a thermal binding spine coated with adhesive. To produce the binding, the thermal binding folder and paper are inserted into the thermal binding machine. This generates high temperatures, activating the adhesive and permanently fusing the paper pages together. After a short drying time, the binding product is ready and can be used immediately. The thermal binding process is uncomplicated and can be carried out quickly and cleanly with the right equipment.

Advantages of thermal binding

Thermal binding is extremely versatile: you can use thermal binding spines to bind narrow booklets as well as brochures with hundreds of pages. The special adhesive holds all pages firmly together and can withstand even heavy loads. The cover and the robust back of the thermal binding folders provide additional stability without compromising user-friendliness: Brochures produced with an adhesive binding have a pleasant opening behaviour and are easy to read - even if they are often used and leafed through. An adhesive binding with transparent film also has the advantage that the cover page of the document remains clearly recognisable and creates anticipation for the content. Due to its user-friendliness, perfect binding is particularly suitable for documents that are frequently used by the reader (e.g. catalogues, information material, training documents).

Thermal binding at SPRINTIS

At SPRINTIS you will find all the materials you need to produce a professional perfect binding or perfect binding. Our A4 thermal binding folderscan be used for portrait and landscape format bindings. SPRINTIS offers you various materials and colours so that you can design your brochure individually. This allows you to harmonise the look of your documents with the content. The back cover of our thermal binding folders can be made of cardboard, leather cardboard, linen cardboard or high-gloss cardboard. The following colours are available:

  • blue
  • dark blue
  • olive
  • red
  • white

When choosing the perfect thermal binding folder, you should also pay attention to the filling height. The filling height determines the maximum number of pages for perfect binding. The higher the filling height, the more sheets can be bound together. SPRINTIS offers its thermal binding folders in filling heights from 1.5 mm to 8 mm. Our associated Optibind binding machine can bind up to 250 sheets. SPRINTIS offers practical filing devices or binding folders with filing tabs for archiving your documents.

(This text has been machine translated.)