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With clamp bindings, you can bundle loose paper pages without a binding machine or expensive additional material. With clamp binding, paper is fed into a plastic rail by hand. This allows you to create your binding documents manually and in no time at all. Clip rails are suitable for temporary bindings(menus, catalogues, advertising material), but also for creating technical papers, presentations, application folders and much more. In the SPRINTIS range you will find the perfect clamp rail in A3, A4 or A5 format for every occasion.

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Advantages of clamping rails

Clip rails can be opened and closed easily. This means that individual pages in the binding document can be easily replaced, removed or reorganised. Thanks to their reusability and low purchase price, clamp rails are a practical and cost-effective everyday companion for any workplace. Attaching them is self-explanatory and requires no special accessories. SPRINTIS clamping rails are suitable for many different paper formats. Our A3 clamping rails can even hold maximum formats.

Standard clamping rails from SPRINTIS

SPRINTIS clip rails are available in various colours, filling heights and formats so that you can find the right clip rail for every document. All clip rails are made of timeless plastic and are available in three subtle colours(black, white, transparent). With your individual choice of colour, you can design the binding document creatively or sort it schematically. Transparent clip rails, for example, look particularly elegant and puristic. Depending on the paper volume, with SPRINTIS you can choose between a fill height of 3-4 mm and a fill height of 5-6 mm (for thick brochures). The filling height determines how many pages of paper your clamping rail can bind. SPRINTIS offers clamping bars in A3, A4 and A5 format so that the bar fits the paper used exactly. The A4 clamping rail is the most commonly used. It can be used to bind all standard A4 prints for handouts, application documents or presentations. Our A4 clamping rails are also available with a perforated edge so that you can process or file your documents. A3 clamping rails are particularly suitable for posters and placards. Our A3 clamping rail is ideal for large formats such as advertising posters and site plans. Smaller paper formats and pictures can be processed with A5 clamping rails. SPRINTIS also offers self-adhesive clamping rails as a special version. These offer the option of fixing the finished document to a fixed background. In this way, for example, an advertising poster in a shop window or a menu can be attached to a base.

(This text has been machine translated.)