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Use of punching presses

Basically, a punching press consists of a movable punch and a static counter plate. To punch paper, it is placed between the two plates and the punching machine is activated. The punch is then pressed onto the material and punches holes in the paper. A wire binding spine, for example, can then be inserted into the punched holes. At SPRINTIS you will find punching machines in different versions. In addition to manually operated devices, we also offer highly efficient electric punching machines that allow you to punch A4 formats automatically.

Advantages of punching machines

Punching machines offer various advantages over other cutting tools. One of their greatest strengths is their accuracy. Punching machines enable paper to be punched cleanly and evenly. Compared to manual cutting tools such as office hole punches, the precision is significantly higher. They are therefore ideal for projects that require precise hole punching.

Another feature of punching machines is their high efficiency: they are able to punch large quantities of paper reliably and quickly. In contrast to manual cutting tools, punching machines save time and energy, especially when it comes to processing large quantities of paper. Our D600 electric punching machine can punch up to 25 sheets at a time and is equipped with interchangeable tools for punching different hole patterns. The D600 punching machine scores with its versatility. Once purchased, it can be used for a variety of perforations and materials, including different paper and cardboard thicknesses.

Another huge advantage over punching with a hand punch is the high cost saving. Punching machines are often used for the production of wire bindings. Although the purchase of punching machines initially represents an investment, their use can lead to considerable savings over time. Compared to manual punching, punching machines can process materials faster and more efficiently, reducing labour time and costs.

Buy punching machines from SPRINTIS

In the SPRINTIS shop, you can buy high-performance A4 punching machines, the matching clamping devices and practical punching tools. We at SPRINTIS look forward to providing you with expert advice. If you have any questions about our punching machines and accessories, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team. At SPRINTIS, you also benefit from fast and secure shipping to Germany and other European countries.

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