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To ensure that your binding products are protected from environmental influences and can also be used over the long term, we have practical covers in our range. Our A4 covers are made of robust material such as cardboard or hard plastic and are placed in front of the title page of the binding document. They protect the paper underneath from moisture, dirt and mechanical influences. An additional bonus of binding covers is their professional appearance. With the A4 covers from SPRINTIS, you can choose between different colours and materials and thus expand the scope for the creative design of your documents.

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Advantages of binding covers

Bound documents are often used as handouts and are viewed or edited by different users. Frequent use can lead to signs of wear such as stains or creases. If the title page wears out, the appearance of the entire document suffers. To counteract this, a cover can be inserted when binding a brochure. This sits in front of the first page of the document and is made of thick-walled cardboard or transparent plastic (PE film).

The cover gives a brochure additional stability and protects it from wear and tear, which often occurs in everyday office life. This prevents documents from being damaged by liquids, dirt or careless use. A cover also reliably prevents premature wear of documents. In addition, you are not only investing in the durability of your documents, but also in their aesthetics. Covers give brochures a professional and elegant appearance. In addition, there is of course always the option of printing or otherwise customising the cover. At SPRINTIS, transparent covers are provided with a coloured strip so that you can categorise and individualise your documents.

Material and colours

The covers from SPRINTIS are suitable for documents in A4 format. You can choose between cardboard or plastic (PE film) covers. All binding covers are provided with impact grooves for easy and clean processing. The cardboard covers are available in the colours black, white and blue. The plastic covers are transparent and make the title page of the binding document visible. Our transparent covers have a coloured cardboard strip on the long side. The cardboard strip can be ordered in different colours. The colour coding allows our customers to differentiate and creatively design their documents.

(This text has been machine translated.)