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It has long been known that hook and loop tape is super practical. After all, you can use the hook and loop tape to fix large objects or sew on the hook and loop tape to adhere fabrics and textiles to each other with just a flick of the wrist. In the SPRINTIS Online Shop you will find a wide selection - from wide hook and loop tape for sewing to self-adhesive custom-made products.

Origin of hook and loop tape

As is so often the case, the model for the creation of hook and loop tape comes from nature, as the hook and loop tape owes its name to a plant: the burdock. The fact that plants can efficiently overcome certain challenges and inspire inventions thanks to their structures and strong performance is proven by these Velcro fruits. After all, the inventor made his discovery of the Velcro effect during a walk in the woods. The plant stuck to his clothing. On closer inspection, he recognised the plant's tiny hooks, which ensure a particularly high level of adhes ion to skin, hair and textiles. He utilised this property and developed a hook and loop tape with hooks on both sides. A new hook and loop fastening system - without any adhesive - was created. Under the product name "Velcro", a combination of the French words "Vel" and "Cro", the hook and loop fastening tape has been available in numerous variations ever since.

Hook and loop tape for sewing

Wide hook and loop tape, which you can buy from SPRINTIS on a roll and in various colours, is particularly suitable for sewing on. The hook and loop tape for sewing can be easily resealed, is robust and can be used reliably thanks to its history and years of optimisation - for both indoor and outdoor textiles. So if you need to get to work quickly, the hook and loop tape for sewing is reliable in any weather. The fact that it is particularly water and heat resistant is due to the composition of the fleece tape made from synthetic fibres. Strong nylon and polyester ensure that the hook and loop tape stays in place even in adverse conditions. It is therefore impossible to imagine weather protection clothing and high-visibility waistcoats without the practical hook and loop tape. You can also find the most popular special versions in the SPRINTIS shop, both self-adhesive hook and loop tape and double-sided hook and loop tape.

(This text has been machine translated.)