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High-quality and resilient cords enhance products in many places. Both for the production of holders for bags, heavy curtains or upholstered furniture, but also for small parts such as certificates and medals, get the desired value through an additional textile note. In the SPRINTIS store you will find an extensive selection of cord and thread types for direct purchase. You can get the cords in different colors from the roll with different variants of cord ends.

Wrapping gifts with twisted satin cord

Twisted satin cord give tangible objects their finishing touch as jewelry and ornaments. Used correctly, the twisted satin cord - whether twisted 2 or 3 times - is usually perceived unconsciously, but because of its value it finds the special recognition among customers. After all, small packages, textile tags and gifts, but also books, look much nobler with a cord band. A special advantage of the twisted satin cord from SPRINTIS is that they are not only visually convincing, but also in price. As a cheap alternative to expensive chains, you can buy cord ribbons and cords today and get them delivered in no time.

Kraft paper with twisted cord and textile threads

For filigree enhancements, for example on cards or gift tags, finer twisted cord or textile threads are used for attachment. Especially for birthday or wedding cards, textile threads in bright, natural colours are very popular. With the right thread fastening, the complex gluing together of folded cards and insert paper, can simply be dispensed with.

Cords and threads in your desired colours

Finally, the SPRINTIS cord ends provide the finishing touch. They prevent cords and strings from slipping through hoodies, textile tags and bag loops. At the same time, they protect the cotton cords from fraying.

In the end, as so often, it's the look that counts. This makes it even more worth taking a look at the SPRINTIS Online Shop range, because you not only have a wide selection of prefabricated products here, but also the option of customised products for quick purchase and delivery.