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Cable hook and loop instead of cable ties

The applications are as varied as the hook and loop products themselves. Strongly adhesive hook and loop fastener tapes on both sides are quickly ready for use and ideal for fastening cables, hoses, fabrics or banners. Compared to standard cable ties, which hold very strongly but cause inconvenience and waste when opened, hook and loop cable ties from SPRINTIS can be easily removed and reused several times. The hook and loop tape has also been perfected for this specific use. So if you don't want to do without the classic cable ties, the hook and loop cable ties are an excellent alternative with all the advantages of hook and loop. This is because the hook and loop tapes for cables have a loop through which the hook and loop tape can simply be threaded, allowing even large quantities of material to be reliably held in place.

Hook and loop tapes in the textile industry

In the textile industry, hook and loop tapes are used for shoes but also for items of clothing as a replacement for shoelaces, zips or (press) buttons. The advantages of the practical hook and loop tape become clear from infancy to old age. Either Velcro tape for sewing or directly self-adhesive Velcro tape is used. The simple concept of hook and loop tape and hook and loop points made of hooks and loop is available from us in various designs - special formats and colours are of course available on request.

Hook and loop - a Swiss invention

We have a curious Swiss man to thank for hook and loop dots, hook and loop tape and hook and loop fasteners. In the 1950s, an engineer - fed up with the stubborn fruit of the "big burdock" on his trouser legs - discovered the simple yet ingenious principle. The result of his patent for a synthetic replica is today's Velcro dots and Velcro tape. Velcro tape is typically made from polyester fibres and/or PA polymer. The principle can even be realised with other materials. Velcro points made of metal or other materials are even used in the aerospace industry and for protective clothing.

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