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With the help of metal cord clamps, cord ends and elastic cords can be securely closed into a ring as usual. The same applies to metal splints or T-splints, which are attached to the ends of elastic cords to prevent them from slipping out.

Practical metal cord clamps and metal clips for everyday use

To attach SPRINTIS metal cord clamps simply proceed as usual: Use a standard cotter splint plier for ring and T-splints, a hand press or any other cotter metal cord clip tools you have at hand to close your staples and metal clips. Then first place your metal cotter pins or cord clamps and then the rubber cords or cords between the press of your cotter pin tool so that you press the ends together with pressure on the cotter pin wing and thus neatly seal the rubber or cord together.

Use of metal cord clamps

Because all metal cord clips and metal cord clamps can be attached to the elastic, 2 mm long elastic cords as well as to Atlas cords, you see them almost every day, even if mostly unconsciously - whether as fasteners of hair ties and stretchy hair bands, on elastic cords of hoodies or on elastic cords with T-splints of folders and files.