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Wire framed pockets help you to organise your warehouse in a clear and uncomplicated way. They protect documents such as production papers or supplier lists from dirt and moisture. They also ensure that nothing gets lost. Thanks to the robust yet flexible wire hangers, the wire framed pockets can be quickly and easily attached to wire mesh boxes, cartons, pallets, shelves and more. This is not only an advantage for storing products in the warehouse, but also helpful during transport. In the SPRINTIS shop, you can expect an extensive selection of wire framed pockets in many different sizes.

Wire framed pockets in various formats

The wire framed pockets are available in a wide range of formats, including variants for DIN A4 and A5 documents as well as portrait or landscape formats. You can choose between models with or without a flap. The flap offers additional protection for your documents against rain and dirt, especially during transport. In the warehouse, on the other hand, wire-hanger pockets without a flap prove to be extremely practical, as the labels can be easily exchanged. If there are special requirements, the SPRINTIS shop is also available for individual custom-made products.

What is a wire framed bag?

As the name suggests, a wire framed pocket consists of a wire hanger that is welded into a soft PVC document pocket. Wire framed pockets are available in a wide variety of formats, including those for DIN A4 and A5 documents. Labeled documents can be easily inserted through the opening in the top of the PVC pocket. The wire hangers on the top of the pocket are extremely flexible and are used to securely attach to boxes, shelves and other surfaces.

Where are wire framed pockets used?

Wire hanger bags are used in various scenarios, especially where clear labelling of crates, mesh boxes, cartons or other packaged goods is needed. This is especially important in the areas of storage and transport of products. The labels in the wire framed pockets can be easily exchanged, which enables multiple use. In addition, the attachment of the wire framed pockets is extremely time-saving, even in hectic moments. This guarantees efficient labelling and organisation, even on particularly busy days.

Wire framed pockets for individual requirements

Depending on which documents you want to attach to your products, you will need different sizes of wire hangers. If you have several formats, you have the option of choosing between wire framed pockets with or without a flap. The flap is located on the open side of the wire hangers and protects documents from rain and dirt there as well. Wire framed pockets with a flap are useful when the products are to be transported. In the warehouse, wire hangers without a flap are more suitable because the labels can be changed more quickly. A special format that you can find in the SPRINTIS shop are wire framed bags for small load carriers with the dimensions 222 x 78 mm. The pointed hangers are exactly matched to the dimensions of the Euronorm containers. If the standard sizes of the wire framed pockets do not meet your requirements, special designs are also possible.

Magnetic bags: the alternative to wire framed pockets

An alternative to wire framed pockets are labelling pockets, magnetic frames or so-called magnetic pockets. Magnetic pouches work in the same way as wire handle pouches, but are attached with the help of magnets. The magnetic pockets are equipped with a magnetic tape, one or two magnetic strips or two neodymium magnets. Neodymium magnets are also considered super magnets, which have a stronger holding force than normal magnets. If you would like to reorganise your warehouse and label your products sensibly, then wire framed pockets are a good choice. These uncomplicated helpers protect all documents from moisture, dirt and guarantee that nothing gets lost. Wire framed bags with flaps are recommended for transport. With this comprehensive range of options, you are well equipped to manage your documents and products efficiently and in an organised manner. Choose the variant that best suits your individual requirements.