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Magnetic label holders are the perfect solution for a variable lettering. They offer space for labels of all types and keep them from dirt, dust as well as external influences. The magnetic label holders in SPRINTIS shop can be easily assembled and offer a full surface magnetic underside. Insert a label of your choice and bring the magnetic label holder to a desired position with just a hand movement. Thanks to the large selection of various sizes and shapes, SPRINTIS offers the right magnetic label holder for every situation. Irrespective of whether it is in warehouse, on sales floors or in offices and archives - you can definitely find them here.

What are magnetic label holders suitable for?

Magnetic label holders are basically used to hold labels. They offer the possibility of securely holding a label in the form of a label. In this way, they provide information in warehouses and sales areas and thus help with orientation. But they can also be attached to cabinets, shelves or folders and thus serve for precise labelling. They are used frequently in the retail trade in particular and help to identify goods. All written and printed labels are placed in a matching label holder, as this offers the option of attaching them more easily. The label holder protects the printed paper from damage. Especially sensitive information, such as small printed barcodes and article numbers, can quickly fade and become illegible without a suitable label holder. Our label holders are equipped with inlay paper and protective film. This provides the paper insert with optimum protection against water, dust and other dirt. Another field of application for label holders are offices and archives. Here, label holders are mainly attached to file folders and cabinets and serve to make them easy to find. The ease of changing and attaching a label holder makes it practical and versatile.

What other advantages do label holders have?

Another advantage of magnetic label holders is that the label is protected from paper buckling. Even laminated labels can become damaged and unusable in the long run. The label holders in the SPRINTIS shop guarantee permanently good readability and scannability. The second biggest benefit of label holders is that labels can be attached more easily due to their magnetic adhesion.

What choice of label holders do I have and why magnetic label holders?

At SPRINTIS you will find a wide range of magnetic label holders. Unlike self-adhesive label holders, magnetic label holders are easier to remove and apply. They can be removed from any surface without leaving any residue and can quickly be used in other places. Another advantage of magnetic label holders is the fact that they can be reused as often as desired. Since magnetic label holders only adhere to metallic surfaces, you should make sure that the holders are compatible with the surface before using them. The little helpers look particularly good on magnetic cupboards and cabinets. While the front side with the practical plastic window provides enough space for various labels, the back side is fully magnetic. Depending on the application, you can choose from different sizes and formats. While the smallest model offers an area of 10 millimetres by 40 millimetres, the largest magnetic label holder provides space for labels with dimensions of 60 by 150 millimetres. All magnetic label holders are supplied including inlay paper and protective film and are available in quantities of 100 or more. The paper insert for our C-profiles is also available individually on a roll. We offer the widths of 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 and 60 millimetres. In addition, you will find magnetic label holders in our shop that can be written on. The coating on the front is made of PET and is wipeable. The SPRINTIS shop offers you flexible solutions for labelling shelves, bins, folders and storage spaces.

The advantages of SPRINTIS label holders at a glance:

  • Easy to affix and remove
  • Leave no residues on the surfaces
  • Can be reused any number of times
  • Hold on to all magnetic surfaces
  • Give more orientation in daily life
  • Versatile
  • Offer protection from dust, moisture and dirt
  • Guarantee a sustained readability of labels and barcodes
  • Available in various sizes and formats
  • Include inplay paper and protective film