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Our magnetic pockets offer a full view of barcodes, goods and security information. They impress with their easy handling. Their easy attachment and removal make them both flexible and versatile, especially in the logistics sector, e.g.:

  • for labelling of transport boxes and storage shelves
  • for labelling of a variety storage locations and containers
  • on transport and pallet cages or storage locations
  • on containers

Documents and notes are long-term protected by magnetic pockets against dirt, dust and moisture. They adhere to all magnetic containers and objects and do not fall off during transport. At SPRINTIS you will find various magnetic pockets in different sizes, colours and designs. Stop by and buy a magnetic pocket that is perfect for your project.

Why do I need a magnetic pocket?

Magnetic pockets can generally be used extremely versatile. Most of all, however, they can be found on transport containers or on storage spaces. They are used for the simple labelling of places and objects and offer the possibility to store documents in them. Thanks to their robust material, various documents can be stored safely in them for a long time. They offer protection against moisture, dirt and dust and are also weatherproof. The magnetic strip on the back of the pocket guarantees a firm hold on all metallic surfaces. In most cases, product labels, safety instructions or barcodes are stored in magnetic pockets. Thanks to their transparent nature, all contained documents can be read or scanned quickly and directly. In addition to logistical purposes, magnetic pockets are increasingly used in sales areas and offices. You can label shelves or show visitors the way. Often in bright colours, they serve as eye-catchers and present their content perfectly. Another advantage of magnetic pockets is that they are easy to attach. In addition, their assembly does not require any glue or drilling and the pockets can be removed and reused without leaving any residue.

How do I use a magnetic pocket?

Normally, magnetic pockets consist of a plastic cover that provides a slot for documents. On the back the pockets are provided with one or more magnetic stripes. Thus, important documents, data sheets or pictures, plans and safety instructions can be stored in the pocket. All you need is a metallic surface. A magnetic pocket can be attached and detached with just one hand movement. There is no need to drill holes, use glue or prepare any other fixtures. Depending on their size, magnetic pockets can be used as a cover for name badges or even as a storage place for documents of several pages. Most magnetic pockets also comply with the regular DIN formats and are therefore compatible with almost any document.

What choice of magnetic pockets do I have at SPRINTIS?

The selection of magnetic pockets is varied and colourful. SPRINTIS offers you various magnetic pockets in different colours, shapes and sizes (common DIN sizes). The opening type of the magnetic info pocket is freely selectable:

  • Opening on its wide side
  • Opening on one wide and one narrow side
  • Opening on its narrow side

All pockets offered are equipped with either two strong neodymium magnets, one to two magnetic strips or a magnetic tape.

The right offer for every purpose in the SPRINTIS magnet shop

If you are looking for a particularly small magnetic pocket which is ideal for labelling in warehouses or rooms, the article MT.145080.BS.2B.04 is a good choice for you. With a size of 145 x 75/80 millimetres, the magnetic pocket can easily be attached anywhere. It is made of soft as well as hard PVC and comes in bright blue. Its open wide side can be equipped with a small name badge, while the two magnetic strips on the back provide a durable hold. If you are looking for a particularly large and eye-catching magnetic pocket suitable for documents in DIN A4 format, you can go for article MT.A4.BS.B.03. This red magnetic pocket is made of soft PVC and catches the eye directly. In contrast, the article MT.A5.BS.2MS.00 is particularly inconspicuous. The transparent magnetic pocket offers space for DIN A5 documents and can be attached with a strong neodymium magnet. Just as convenient: All magnetic pockets can be ordered from a small quantity of only 10 pieces. As an alternative to logistic labelling, magnetic frames, wire framed pockets and labelling pockets are also available in the SPRINTIS Shop.

The advantages of a magnetic pocket from SPRINTIS:

  • Can already be ordered from a small quantity of only 10 pieces
  • Made of high-quality, soft and hard PVC
  • Is provided on the back with strong magnetic stripes
  • Available in many different sizes, colours and finishes
  • Can easily be attached and detached
  • No additional drilling or other fixtures required
  • Holds on any metallic surfaces
  • Available in all common DIN formats
  • Provides permanent protection against moisture, dust and dirt
  • Can be used both in landscape and portrait format
  • Can be purchased in large quantities with quantity discount