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Sign-clips for price communication

Sign-clips are used wherever flexible and individual labelling of prices, promotions and product information is required. These practical little helpers have become indispensable in wholesale and retail trade, as well as on trade fair stands.

Advantages of sign-clips

Sign-clips make it easy and quick to attach price tags, promotional notices and product descriptions to the desired POS. The clamp holds the price tag firmly in its required position. Even when changing the clamped tags, the sign-clips are quick and easy to use. The price tag can be easily inserted, removed or replaced by opening the clamp. This allows for maximum flexibility.

Due to different types of fastening, there is a suitable price tag holder for every application. The clamp for the price tag is connected to the second component by a ball joint, which further increases the flexibility of use. At SPRINTIS, we offer you a wide range of variants and fastening types.

Sign-clips with clamps

Sign-clips with clamps are the best known and most frequently used price tag holders. They are simply clamped to the desired location with the clamp and can be used directly. In the SPRINTIS range, sign-clips with clamps are available in different versions, some with angle adjustment. Due to the huge variety of different heights, widths and clamping widths, we always offer you the right sign-clip with clamp for your individual application.

Sign clips with plate

The plate on the sign-clips allows price labels and notices to be optimally displayed on smooth surfaces. For example, the self-adhesive plates are suitable for permanent attachment to smooth walls, furniture, in shops and offices. The strong PE foam adhesive disc ensures a firm hold even when applied vertically. As the foam adhesive disc cannot be removed after initial application, we recommend this variant especially for permanent use.

Sign-clips with neodymium magnet

In addition to the sign-clips with plate or clamp, we also offer a magnetic version for convenient attachment to magnetic objects and surfaces. Thanks to the neodymium magnet, this model offers a strong adhesive force with minimal volume and low weight.

Where sign-clips can be used

Sign-clips are used in different areas. In addition to the classic use on shelves in grocery stores, there are other places of use and applications we can recommend to you with a few examples:

  • Promotional notices in grocery stores
  • Price tags in the display of cheese and sausage counters in supermarkets
  • Price tags on the bread basket in the bakery
  • Price tags and offers in butchers and confectioneries
  • Ingredient labelling for bakeries, butchers and confectioneries
  • Price signs on bicycles in bicycle shops
  • Price tags on clothes and good racks in textile shops
  • Product description and price tags in garden centres and flower shops
  • Notes on top sellers and bestsellers on the product
  • Information and price sheets at trade fair stands

Buy sign-clips at a reasonable price

Thanks to their versatile use, sign-clips have become indispensable in trade and commerce. Our product advisors will be happy to help you choose the right sign-clip for the desired use. When ordering larger quantities, you benefit from attractive staggered prices. In addition to the sign-clips, the SPRINTIS range also includes shelf stoppers, data strips and display pockets. The wide range of products for price communication will help you organise and optimally equip your business premises. Order now and look forward to fast shipping!