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Paper drilling is a process for punching holes in large quantities of paper in the form of loose sheet stacks or bound booklets. In contrast to punching, paper drill bits can process an entire sheet stack in one step rather than a few. The resulting holes are mostly used for storage and attachment, only rarely is a paper drill bits used for decorative purposes.

Suitable products and materials for paper drill bits

Paper drill bits can handle (stacks of) thin material such as paper, cardboard, foils, leather and much more. The most common applications are the drilling of various filing holes for folders and ring binders, loose-sheet collection but also hole rows for wire comb bindings or labels for attachment. Writing pads or ring binder inserts are among the most common products processed with a paper drill bit, alongside catalogues and instruction manuals. Often the remaining holes are finished by attaching eyelets to them.

Technique of paper drilling

To punch holes in stacks of paper, paper drill bits are clamped into a drilling machine (powered spindle) and then driven through the paper. Paper drill bits are offered with various hole diameters, coatings and working lengths. The SPRINTIS range for these drills includes hole diameters of 2 to 20mm and effective lengths of 24 to 60mm.

How a paper drill bit works

The paper drill bit is a hollow drill, as the crushed drill material remains in the cylindrical stump. Behind the shaft of the paper drill bit there is an opening in the spindle from which the material to be drilled can be guided outwards. Due to the material to be processed the drill worksin the dry. In continuous use conditions, wax paper has proven its worth for lubrication. Drill cardboard protects the substrate from scratches and holes and prevents the drill from dulling. This way, your paper drill bit will continue to work as flawlessly as on the first day, long after you've bought it!

Materials to use with the paper drill bit

Paper drill bits produce circular holes from 2mm diameter in flat, thin and usually stacked materials, such as paper, plastic or metal foil, leather, fabric or rubber. These are also suitable for the use of eyelets. Paper drill bits are available in various qualities. The standard version is suitable for offset, copy and recycled paper, as well as cardboard, paperboard and textiles. Drills with a sliding layer are optimally suited for various types of paper such as coated paper, as well as offset and copy paper, plastic films (soft PVC, PE), textiles and rubber. Titanium-coated paper drill bits can work on all materials to be processed by standard and glide layer drills, supplemented by aluminium foil, leather and carbon paper.

* Textiles, rubber, leather are difficult materials to machine and may require special grinding and drilling geometries. We will be happy to advise you on this.

Order paper drill bits at low prices in our shop

Our high-quality paper drill bits not only impress with their reliable application function, but also with their price! This depends on your choice of surface and diameter specifications. Interesting to know: If you discover an item from our shop at a better price from another supplier, simply let us know using our contact form "Item seen cheaper" on the right-hand side of the product page and, after successful verification, benefit from a corresponding discount, for example when you complete your next paper drill bit purchase!