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Our online store offers a wide range of different types of knives and scissors. These are important accessories for bookbinding work and industry. In our range you can find cardboard cutters, rotary cutters, bookbinder knives, paper knives, bookbinder scissors and scissors with lever transmission. These tools are especially suitable for cutting paper, leather, plastics and textiles, as well as for opening packages.

Metal cardboard cutters

With the very sharp blade, precise paper work can be done easily and quickly. We offer two different variations of cardboard cutters: cardboard cutter ratchet-lock and cardboard cutter with slide-lock. To replace dulling blades, we also offer steel and carbon snap-off blades with a width of 18 mm at SPRINTIS.

Rotary cutters for fabric and paper

Our range of knives and scissors also includes a rotary cutter. With the rotary cutter, textiles, paper and cardboard can be cut to the millimetre without any problems and with little effort. Rotary cutters are mainly used in the bookbinding and printing industry. Our online store offers the matching replacement blades with a diameter of 45 mm for the rotary cutter.

Bookbinders and paper knives

Our bookbinding knives with beech wood handles and cast steel blades are, due to their sharp blades, ideal for paperwork, cutting materials or opening packages. Our paper knives with precious wood handles, unlike the bookbinder's knife, are better suited for separating glued blocks or adhesive bindings after drying.

Bookbinding and moulding scissors

We offer very robust scissors in 18.0 cm or 24.5 cm length, which are specially made for the bookbinding trade and industry. The bookbinder's scissors can be used mainly for paper, cover fabrics, leather and textiles. Plastics and rubber can still be processed with the moulding scissors.