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Our glue brushes are suitable for a wide range of applications, whether professional or DIY. In our range of products you will find high-quality glue brushes with pure light chinese bristles in different sizes and bristle lengths. A distinction is made between flat brushes and round brushes. Depending on the application, you will benefit from the strong bristles of the flat brushes. These come in 1, 2 and 3 inch sizes, which correspond to 25 mm, 50mm and 70mm capsules. The attached sheet metal frame also provides stability and makes it easier to clean the glue brush. The glue brush is also frequently used in the painting sector, where it is used for all kinds of paints and varnishes on flat surfaces in addition to its function as a glue brush.

Flat brush Flat brush
✓ different options available!
Round glue brush Round glue brush
✓ different options available!

SPRINTIS glue brush for bookbinding

The second variant of the wood glue brushes is the round brush, which is the optimal solution for smaller but very precise work. With its barrel sizes between 20mm and 40 mm, detailed component work in the professional field can be carried out to perfection. Alongside the ruler and bone folder, the glue brush is part of the basic equipment in bookbinding.

The brushes are often used for gluing spines and blocks in bookbinding as well as in the processing of printed products. The round brush in particular is frequently used as a glue brush in assembly and gluing applications. The round shape facilitates the application of adhesives, glues and pastes. The soft chinese bristles are solvent-resistant and therefore suitable for all dispersion adhesives.


What are the advantages of a plastic frame?

The plastic frame of our round brushes offers you further advantages. The metal-free design makes this glue brush short-circuit-proof and also suitable for aggressive adhesives.

What are quinoa brushes?

The glue brushes in the SPRINTIS range are made of pure light quinoa bristles. The natural bristle production uses back bristles from pigs. Quinoa bristles come from a breed of pig from China. The bristles of the dense hair coat grow back for a lifetime and are ideal for high-quality glue brushes.

What are the advantages of natural bristles?

A distinction is made between natural and synthetic bristles in brushes. The tips of natural bristles split into several fine fibres. This natural split allows the natural bristle brush to hold a lot of colour. This helps you achieve a natural and even coat of paint. Even after a certain amount of wear, the natural bristles continue to split downwards and remain elastic, so there is no need to worry about scratches on surfaces.

How do I clean a glue brush?

Many glues and pastes that you use in bookbinding and print processing are water-soluble. You can remove such adhesive residues very easily and quickly with water.

To avoid damaging the soft quinoa bristles of the glue brush, we advise you not to use any cleaning agents that are too aggressive. If you are dealing with tough dirt that is difficult to remove, we offer a bio-cleaner in our range. This cleaner is manufactured on the basis of renewable raw materials.

What sizes of brushes are available in the SPRINTIS range?

The glue brushes are offered in different sizes, so you can find the right brush size for every application. Our online shop offers the following capsule sizes:

Ring brush 20mm capsule – Size 2

Ring brush 25mm capsule – Size 4

Ring brush 30mm capsule – Size 6

Ring brush 40mm capsule – Size 10

Flat brush 25mm capsule – Size 1

Flat brush 50mm capsule – Size 2

Flat brush 70mm capsule – Size 3