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EcologiQ - the sustainable product line

Ecological products for a smaller ecological footprint

Sustainability, environmental and climate protection are important to us. With the introduction of its own EcologiQ product line, SPRINTIS is demonstrating the high priority these forward-looking topics have in the company. SPRINTIS is aware of its social responsibility toward subsequent generations and intends to contribute to a reduction of its ecological footprint with the EcologiQ line.

Wooden sign holders and posterframes - attractive & sustainable

Menu holders, pavement signs and wooden framed chalkboards are the absolute eye-catchers. These eco-friendly product alternatives are part of our EcologiQ range, impressing with their warm and natural look. The wood makes the products look particularly valuable and classic. The rewritable chalkboards encourage creative design. The chalkboard can be painted with chalk or chalk pens to create personalised outdoor advertising. The wooden sign holders are ideal for cafés or restaurants to label or paint them with your beverage, café or cocktail menu.

Sustainable packing list envelopes from SPRINTIS - for green shipping

Our packing list envelopes made of recycled foil meet the high standards of post-consumer recycling (PCR) and the backing paper is made from recyclable paper. As an ecological alternative, we offer paper packing list envelopes with adhesive closure in various sizes. The paper is biodegradable and has a lower ecological footprint. If you want to be sure that you will only be shipping sustainable packing list envelopes, choose our recyclable packing list envelopes with the EcologiQ label in the future. This label conserves resources, stands for the highest environmental standards and promotes a green supply chain.

More products from our EcologiQ range

Transparent adhesive paper discs Transparent adhesive paper discs
✓ different options available!
Wooden clipboard Wooden clipboard
✓ different options available!
Card holder wood Card holder wood
✓ different options available!
Corner pockets, self-adhesive, paper Corner pockets, self-adhesive, paper
✓ different options available!
Block bottom paper bags Block bottom paper bags
✓ different options available!
Cotton bags Cotton bags
✓ different options available!

Frequently Asked Questions

Sustainability at SPRINTIS means that the company attaches great importance to making its products and business processes as ecological as possible. SPRINTIS focuses on resource conservation, reduction of waste and emissions and the use of recyclable materials. The aim is to contribute to environmental protection while achieving long-term economic success.

Customers can make sustainable decisions by choosing products made from recycled materials or those with ecological properties. SPRINTIS offers a selection of articles that are ecological alternatives, e.g., articles made of recycled plastic or paper. By consciously selecting these products, customers contribute to environmental protection and support the principle of sustainability.

The sustainable product line from SPRINTIS contributes to environmental protection by using products made from recyclable or biodegradable materials. This reduces waste and environmental impact. The use of renewable raw materials also conserves resources.

What does climate neutral mean?

Climate neutrality is an environmental policy goal to exert no influence on the climate through production and consumption. Climate neutrality is achieved through emission offsetting by our cooperation partner natureOffice erreicht, , which determines the CO2 balance for our EcologiQ products and neutralises the resulting emissions through domestic and global environmental projects.

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