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Pavement signs are also known as poster stands, sidewalk displays or pedestrian stoppers. They grab the attention of pedestrians walking by and create interest in potential customers right in front of or in your shop. Changing offers as well as your USP can be placed effectively on the pavement signs. SPRINTIS carries pavement signs in both DIN A1 and DIN A2 formats, wind- and weatherproof variants as well as sign holders in an elegant wooden look. Order now and benefit from a targeted external impact!

Overview of pavement sign variants

Pavement sign variant Weather resistance Stability Formats Colours
Wooden Pavement sign with chalkboard
44 x 66 cm, 53 x 66 cm, 53 x 80 cm brown, white, black
Wooden Pavement sign with chalkboard
weatherproof WOOD-STOP Pro
53 x 80 cm brown
Wooden Pavement sign WOOD‑STOP Switch 53 x 102 cm brown
Pavement sign AIR-STOP A1 silver
Pavement sign Outdoor SOLID-STOP A1, A2 silver
Pavement sign windproof STORM-STOP Lite A1 silver, black
Pavement sign windproof STORM-STOP Pro A1 silver

Legend pavement sign

Level Weather resistance Stability
Indoor or protected outdoor use calm wind
(indoor use)
Permanent outdoor use without sealing light wind
Permanent outdoor use with sealing strong wind

Pavement signs for a targeted external impact

Pavement signs create an optimal advertising space for billboards, posters and offers, right in front of pedestrians walking by. The elegant and stable poster stand automatically draws the gaze of pedestrians to its contents. The pavement signs draw attention already from afar. By addressing customers in a targeted manner, you arouse interest in your product range and ensure an appealing appearance for your brand. The print medium can be used on both sides of the poster stand at the same time, so you automatically address potential customers coming from both directions.

In our diverse assortment you can find pavement signs for both indoors and outdoors and in different formats. All of our pavement signs come with rounded edges in order to prevent any injuries. For example, if you want to present the poster in the entrance area of your shop or in front of it in roofed shopping centres, the pavement signs for indoor use in DIN A1 or DIN A2 format are your ideal companion.

The pavement sign in DIN A1 format is the most common display and the top seller among poster stands. However, if you have less space, simply use our customer stopper in DIN A2 format. That way you don't have to do without the attractive advertising space even if there is not enough space.

Pavement signs: Sales promotion in all kinds of weather

We also offer our pavement signs in DIN A1 format as weather and windproof versions, which are ideally suited for outdoor use due to their rustproof material and high load capacity. The waterproof frame ensures that your poster is still completely legible and undamaged even after a rain shower.

Our windproof version is equipped with a stand that can be filled with water. This means that your advertising space can withstand strong winds. In regions near the coast or in windy areas, for example at train stations, this poster stand makes a certain difference.

With the large selection of our outdoor pavement signs, neither wind nor rain can prevent you from placing your offers effectively. In pedestrian zones in particular, when many shops are lined up, a high level of visibility is essential for your success.

Your benefits through our pavement signs

  • By using both sides of the poster stands, you address potential customers regardless of their direction of travel. This increases the chances of drawing a potential customer’s attention.

  • The integrated folding frame system ensures that the inserts can be exchanged quickly and easily: Simply unfold the individual frame elements, remove the poster including the protective film, place the new content, insert the protective film, close the frame again – done.

  • The standard versions and waterproof poster stands are equipped with a 4-leg frame. These can be folded up and thus saves space when it is not in use.

  • The anti-reflective protective film on our poster stands breaks the light and works against reflections. This means that your print medium is always easy to read from any position and regardless of the prevailing lighting conditions.

  • The UV protective film protects your insert from fading in strong sunlight. This way, the colouring is retained for a longer time.

  • Thanks to our wind and weatherproof models, your offers and posters are optimally protected in all seasons and in all weathers.

  • The pavement sign can be used in a variety of areas. You can use all sorts of print media as inserts.

Locations of the pavement signs

Poster stands are being used especially in stationary retail as well in the gastronomy and fulfil a variety of advertising opportunities there:

  • In the pedestrian zone, you specifically point out your business.
  • Place special offers and promotions prominently and effectively.
  • You advertise new products and collections in order to directly address new customers.
  • In gastronomy, you communicate changing daily or weekly dishes or draw attention to take-away dishes.
  • At the trade fair, you present your brand in front of your stand.

Ordering pavement signs online

In the SPRINRIS assortment you can find the right pavement sign in the desired variant at a fair price. Next to this practical advertising system we also offer you pavement-sign, Table-menu-stand-L-shaped and Table-menu-stand-T-shaped for the perfect addition to your customer approach indoors. Benefit from our experience in sales promotion and increase the external impact of your products and offers. Order now and benefit from fast delivery!