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PVC poster pockets are a practical and versatile solution to effectively display and protect your information and promotional materials. With their durability, weather resistance and customisability, they are a great choice for businesses and organisations looking for an effective way to get their message out. Increase the visibility of your content and make a lasting impression with PVC poster pockets.

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Transparent pockets Transparent pockets
✓ different options available!
Form holder Form holder
✓ different options available!
Poster pockets Poster pockets
✓ different options available!
Poster pockets Poster pockets
✓ different options available!

Variants of PVC poster pockets

The hinged slee ves are covered on both sides with a matt-transparent protective film, but are open at the sides. The front of the cover can be folded open, e.g. to insert an information sheet. The backs can either be fitted with 2 high-performance adhesive strips or with 2 magnetic strips to attach the flip-up cover to a wall or magnetic surface. You can select this on the product page, together with the appropriate format.

The form holders have a matt-transparent back with 2 high-performance adhesive strips, so the form holder can be stuck to the wall. On the front, it has frames on three sides so that a document can be inserted. The centre of the insert sheet is therefore not surrounded by a protective film and can be labelled. Such form holders are often used for cleaning schedules, time sheets or other employee lists that need to be constantly filled and replaced after a period of time.
You can choose between a portrait and landscape format.

Classic poster pockets made of rigid PVC with two hanging loops and a hinged mechanism for inserting information sheets are ideal for use as promotional signs to attract attention when hung from the ceiling. The poster pockets can be attached to appropriate fastening options using fastening hooks.

The poster pockets are similar to the form holders, but are made from a slightly harder PVC material. Here you also have the option of choosing a closed front. A pen holder can also be selected here, which is attached to the underside of the poster cover.

(This text has been machine translated.)