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Suction cups are the optimal attachment option for smooth surfaces. With a suction cup you can attach various objects to surfaces such as tiles, glass and mirrors. Suction cups serve as a means of attachment and therefore usually come with a hook, screw top or a ring. Thus, they are perfect for attaching items to it. Versatile in use, suction cups can serve as card holders, carry cables or fix other objects with a hook. The biggest advantage: With a suction cup you avoid drilling holes and do not need to install or glue any special equipment. At SPRINTIS you will find a large selection of different suction cups. Stop by and discover the right suction cup that suits your needs.

What do I need suction cups for?

Suction cups can be used in many ways. A wide variety of materials can be attached to them. This makes them suitable for use in both the private and corporate area. Depending on the suction cup, heavy payloads of up to several kilograms can often be attached. Moreover, the transparent suction cups of SPRINTIS are hardly noticeable and adapt to any background color in the best possible way. Suction cups with hooks are mainly used to attach items such as towels, coats and others. They are also used to place posters in shop windows. If you choose a suction cup with screw top, you can use it as a brochure holder. Suction cups with slot are also useful since they can be used as a card holder. Small signs can be attached to them. Therefore, they are ideal for labeling shelves and warehouses. In addition, there are suction cups with screw top, suction cups with arrowhead and suction cups with ring. Especially in applications while cable routing, users should opt for a suction cup with ring.

Mushroom suction cups Mushroom suction cups
✓ different options available!
Suction hooks Suction hooks
✓ different options available!
Suction cups with pin Suction cups with pin
✓ different options available!
Threaded suction cups Threaded suction cups
✓ different options available!
Thumb screw suction cups Thumb screw suction cups
✓ different options available!
Knurled nut M4 plastic Knurled nut M4 plastic
✓ different options available!

How do I use a suction cup?

The good thing about a suction cup: It can really be attached by everyone. To place a suction cup, it only must be pressed onto the desired surface. Once placed, it holds permanently and allows you to attach different items safely over a long period of time. But a suction cup is not only suitable for attaching objects permanently, but also for lifting certain surfaces. Suction cups are a practical tool for lifting and transporting tiles, delicate glass panels and the likes. The vacuum cups have a load capacity of up to several kilograms and can therefore be used individually or together. They hold on to all smooth surfaces and are often found in kitchens and bathrooms. The best part: A suction cup can be removed after use without any residues and can be used again and again.

What range of suction cups is offered?

SPRINTIS offers a wide selection of different suction cups. Are you looking for a classic suction cup with hook? At SPRINTIS you will find a sturdy, transparent suction cup with a curved metal hook. You have the choice of a diameter of 20 or 40 millimetres and can order the suction cups from a quantity of 100 units. This suction cup is ideal for attaching towels and other utility items. A suction cup with ring is particularly suitable for fixing cables. SPRINTIS offers you a suction cup with ring with a diameter of 30 millimetres. The diameter of the ring is 10 millimetres and is therefore suitable for every common cable. Would you like to attach signs or plates to smooth surfaces? Then our threaded suction cups, offered including the matching knurled nut, are the right choice.

The advantages of suction cups at SPRINTIS:

  • can be ordered from a quantity of 100 units
  • stick by themselves and require no glue and no drilling
  • can easily be detached and used many times
  • leave no residues behind
  • can be used extremely versatile
  • are available in different sizes and designs
  • installation is extremely easy
  • work on all smooth surfaces
  • are available with a diameter of 14 millimeters to 40 millimeters
  • can be purchased in bulk with volume discount

In the category hanging systems you will find further practical products for attaching advertising material.