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Hang tabs for an individual presentation of goods

Our self-adhesive hang tabs offer a fast and practical way of hanging product packaging. They can be retrofitted on almost any packaging and thus create an individual way of presenting your products, directly at eye level with your customers.

The punching of our hanging tabs is standardized. Therefore, they’re all suited for every common display and pegboard hook. The transparent film of our adhesive hanging tabs does not distract from the actual product. The robust PET-film ensures a heavy load, up to 1.000 g depending on the variant.

Next to our hanging tabs we also offer in our SPRINTIS assortment self-adhesive hanging tabs with hooks, hanging tabs with delta holes as well as hang tabs with round holes. That way, you can find the right adhesive hanging tab for any sales display!

What weight do hang tabs carry?

In our SPRINTIS assortment all common hang tabs are available in a variety of dimensions and variants. Depending on the variant chosen, the hang tabs are suitable for different weights:

  • up to 250 g
  • up to 400 g
  • up to 500 g
  • up to 1.000 g

What are the benefits of hang tabs?

With our selection of adhesive hang tabs, we offer you many advantages, for example:

  • The self-adhesive underside can be attached to the desired product packaging in a quick and easy manner.
  • The transparent PET-film convinces with a high load capacity with minimal dead weight.
  • Product packaging can be retrofitted and thus presented individually.
  • The standardized punching is suitable for hanging on almost all sales displays.

Which products are presented with hang tabs?

Adhesive hang tabs can be used individually in pretty much every shop, ranging from drug stores and draper’s shops to hardware stores and garden centres. Some products, which are typically presented with hang tabs and pegboard hooks, are for example:

  • Tights and socks in clothes shops
  • Seeds for flowers, herbs and vegetables in garden centres
  • Paintbrushes, screws and small spare parts in hardware stores
  • Curtains, drapes and decorative items in furniture stores
  • Personal-care products, e.g., lip balms, hair clips and razor blades in drug stores
  • Fashionable accessories, e.g., necklaces, bracelets and earrings in jewellery stores
  • Household goods, e.g., kitchen gadgets, baking molds and pot holders in well-stocked supermarkets and in specialist shops for kitchen supplies
  • Electronics, e.g., SD memory cards, PC cables and adapters in the electronics stores

Hang tabs as a custom-made product at SPRINTIS

On request, we can manufacture our hang tabs and other adhesive hang tabs according to your personal requirements. Contact our customer consultants and let us convince you with our service.

Ordering hang tabs online

Hang tabs are indispensable when it comes to successful presentation of goods. The practical adhesive hang tabs are being used in almost every industry for a variety of products. Our hang tabs are available on rolls with 500 pieces each. The appealing pricing and availability of large quantities help you achieve a careless presentation of your goods.

With the matching display strips from our assortment, you can attach smaller and lighter items with hang tabs to many suitable locations. For example, the desired product can be promoted effectively in the checkout area.

Other products can be best presented with our scarf hangers and fabric-sample-hangers. Convince yourself now of our selection of products for the optimal presentation of goods!