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Latest news and updates at SPRINTIS

02.12.2021 - Hanging tabs now also available in an environmentally conscious design!

Our new self-adhesive hanging tabs with euro hole made of paper are a part of our EcologiQ product line and are ideal for hanging your products on sales displays. You can also easily combine our hanging tabs with display hooks (also available in our assortment), which are perfect for presenting smaller or lighter items. We offer the hanging tabs made of paper in two different formats:

21.09.2021 - LED snap frames – now also available in A2 format

New in our assortment are illuminated snap frames made of aluminum in A2 format.
An ideal means of presentation, as they are easy and flexible in use. The corners are mitred and the visible area in the DIN A2 format is 575 x 400 mm.

You can find other sizes such as DIN A3 and DIN A4 in our shop in the LED snap frame category.

15.09.2021 - SPRINTIS celebrates its anniversary – Wow! 5 years SPRINTIS Netherlands

On September 19th, 2021, SPRINTIS will have existed in the Netherlands for exactly 5 years. In 2016, the globally active specialist wholesaler went online with its first international shop in Dutch and at the same time opened a branch near Amsterdam. Due to the positive business and market development, the BeNeLux sales team was expanded last year.

The expanding online wholesaler now has branches and country shops all over Europe and is continuously expanding its international sales team.

10.09.2021 - Chic and noble – advertising technology made of wood

Our new product favourites have finally arrived. Fancy sign holders, chalk boards and pavement signs in a noble walnut look. These beautiful new products complement our wide range of advertising technology with a sustainable product alternative. Available in different formats, they can be written on with chalk and are ideally suited for the following areas of application:

  • Gastronomy
  • Retail
  • Hotels and Inns
  • and much more

We offer these products in the following versions:

17.06.2021 - Bags with flap with warning imprint

New in our shop: Adhesive seal bags made largely from recycled LDPE film. Ideally suited for FBA Amazon Fulfillment due to multilingual warnings and ventilation holes.

The bags with flap are available in different formats:

26.04.2021 - New Releases: Clipboard hardboard

There is a large variety of uses for clipboards. With our “mobile helpers” you can mount and sort documents of all kinds and they also provide a surface to write on while you’re on the go. Our new clipboards, made out of hardboard, have a natural charm and are often used in the gastronomy (e.g., for menus).

They are available in different sizes as well as with a flat grip clip or with a big metal clip:

08.03.2021 - Pavement sign A1 made of aluminium – waterbase, black

Showcasing posters and offers where your customers walk by - perfectly positioned in front of the shop or at the exhibition stand. Both sides of the customer stopper can be used as as advertising space - so you can achieve double the attention. In addition, the „Waterbase“ pedestal can be filled easily and is therefore protected from any wind.

The pavement sign is available for A1 in black and silver.

25.02.2021 - Lockable & waterproof snap frames for outdoor use

New in our assortment are lockable & waterproof snap frames made out of aluminum with a profile width of 32 mm. The snap frames can be used outdoors to protect your promotional offers and posters - perfect for an outside wall or entrance area, etc.

The lockable snap frames are available for inserts in the following dimensions:

01.02.2021 - Scanning rails in grey and white

The self-adhesive scanning rails with DBR profile are now also available in grey and in additional sizes in white. The scanning rails are used in the retail trade for the flexible recording of price labels and product information.

The following new sizes are available in our shop:

25.01.2021 - New in our assortment – panel ceiling hooks

New in our shop are panel ceiling hooks (zinc-plated).
These are specially designed for hanging e.g. posters, poster pockets, poster hangers or even showcard frames on panel ceilings.

The hooks are available in different lengths:

19.01.2021 - Wooden poster hangers also available in black

We are expanding our product assortment of wooden poster hangers to include the colour black. The black wooden poster hangers are real eye-catchers for elegantly displaying posters. As the wooden hangers are equipped with magnets, the posters are clamped gently. With the black-coloured suspension cord on the upper strip, the poster hangers can be hung up anywhere.

The black wooden poster hangers are available in the following lengths:

14.01.2021 - Organza bags in new colours and different sizes!

Quickly and beautifully packaged: organza bags in many great colours and different sizes!

There is something for every occasion: they are perfect for jewellery, gifts and decoration.

Newly added are the following colours and sizes:

Our product assortment of organza bags thus includes the colours cream, dark red, gold, bright green, purple, pink, black and white.

28.04.2020 - Double-sided adhesive tissue tape with hotmelt adhesive

We are expanding our assortment of double-sided adhesive tapes to include adhesive tissue tape with hotmelt adhesive. The advantage of these tapes in comparison to acrylic tapes is their high initial tack and easy processing. This tapes are perfectly suitable e.g. for bonding cardboard and cardboard boxes with a high proportion of recycled fibres.

The paper fleece adhesive tapes with hotmelt adhesive are available in the following widths:

23.03.2020 - We are still here for you!

We want to give you security in uncertain times. With regard to the coronavirus issue, we have taken comprehensive measures to continue to ensure smooth and complete processing and the availability of our products. Your inquiries and orders will be accepted and processed in the usual manner.

Internal security measures have been taken to protect our employees. In any case, our employees can still be reached by telephone or in writing during normal business hours and will be happy to answer your questions.

Our warehouse is very well filled and a change of this situation is currently not in sight. Regarding the ability to deliver we are in constant contact with our suppliers. Within the framework of optimised demand and inventory planning, the supply chains are reviewed and inventories increased in order to be able to act flexibly. In order to guarantee a continuous supply, we check the purchase from alternative suppliers.

For the delivery of the goods, we work together with reliable shipping companies who provide us with daily updates. Due to regional restrictions in some cases, there may be delays in delivery on an individual basis.

Stay healthy!

11.03.2020 - NEW: Biodegradable greeting card bags

The existing assortment of bags with flap is supplemented with biodegradable greeting card bags made of PLA foil from the renewable raw material corn starch.
Due to their high transparency, the PLA flap bags are particularly suitable for packaging greeting cards or printed products and are therefore the ecological alternative to our existing OPP flap bags.
According to DIN EN 13432 the flap bags made of PLA foil are industrially compostable and can only be used in industrial composting plants.

The bags are available in three different formats:

05.03.2020 - Organza bags in new colours

In addition to our existing organza bags in black and white, we also offer the colours gold, cream, purple and bright green.
The gift bags are versatile and ideal for packing promotional items, trade fair gifts, jewellery, give-aways, additional packaging, cosmetics, accessories.

The organza bags are available in the following formats:

Gold | Cream | Purple each in:
  • 100 x 120 mm
  • 100 x 150 mm
  • 150 x 200 mm
Bright green:
  • 200 x 300 mm

26.02.2020 - Double-sided adhesive tape with cotton fabric

New in our shop is the double-sided adhesive cotton fabric tape. This is available in three different widths:

Due to the synthetic rubber adhesive, the adhesive tape offers a very high tack and a very high final adhesive strength. The incorporated cotton fabric increases the tear strength and elongation at break.

The adhesive tape is used, for example, for gluing displays and folding boxes made of plastic or printed cardboard.

23.01.2020 - New in shop: Shelf stopper clips for scanning rails

New in our shop is the shelf stopper clip for scanner rails.
The transparent clip with the format 20 x 39 mm is clamped into the scanning rails and thus serves as a holder for cards and action notes at the POS.

09.01.2020 - New in our assortment: Adapters for wire binding spools

Adapters for wire binding spools are now available in our shop.
These are used to reinforce unstable or damaged wire binding spools. The adapters consist of two aluminium sidewalls which can be attached to the coil by means of a round bar and two pipe clips.

18.12.2019 - NEW: Transparent pockets (foldable) and form holders

We extend our assortment in the category poster pockets. In our shop are now available transparent pockets (foldable) with 2 magnetic strips and transparent pockets (foldable) with 2 high performance adhesive strips:

These articles are used at the POS to visualise promotional notices, in stationary retail, but also in the labelling area to present information.

In addition, form holders are available which are equipped with 2 high performance adhesive strips: The purpose of this POS article is to hold documents, plans, slips of paper, etc. which are regularly removed, for example: cleaning plans, checklists, etc.

03.12.2019 - Double hooks: new length available

New in our assortment is the zinc-plated double hook in 300 mm length. For example, the double hooks are ideal for attaching poster pockets with promotional notices.
In our shop you will also find the double hooks with 500 mm and 700 mm length.

Put your offers & advertising tips in the limelight with these practical helpers!

20.11.2019 - Scanning rails in new formats

Our assortment of self-adhesive scanning rails has expanded – for your price labelling at the POS.

Transparent scanning rails with these formats are available in our shop now: We also offer scanning rails with white backgrounds. These are available in the following formats:

04.11.2019 - A real eye-catcher – modern wooden poster hangers

Now we offer poster hangers made of wood, which elegantly set the scene for your posters or action notices.
In the respective wooden strips disc magnets are framed, thus the posters are clamped and not damaged. With the natural-coloured suspension cord at the upper bar, the poster hangers can be hung anywhere without any problems - whether at home as decoration or at the POS.

The wooden poster hangers are available in 3 different lengths:

21.10.2019 - Strongly self-adhesive neodymium disc magnet with improved adhesive quality

New in our assortment is the strongly self-adhesive neodymium disc magnet in the size 15 x 1.5 mm.
The dimensions of the magnet are identical to those of the existing MS.15.1_5.SK.06 magnet.

The difference lies in the adhesive – in this magnet the strongly self-adhesive acrylic adhesive (3M 4920) is used, which has a reliable adhesive strength.
This magnet is perfect for use as a closure in packaging.

08.10.2019 - Tender frames: Extraordinary presentation for your poster advertising

New in our shop are tender frames – ideal for mounting posters and advertising messages. Your printed products are clamped into an aluminium frame by means of four spring-loaded clamps. The frames each have two movable hangers for ceiling or wall mounting.

The tender frames are available in four different sizes:

17.09.2019 - Elastic ropes with hooks

New in our assortment are elastic ropes with hooks in different lengths. This is a 4 mm thick, elastic cord as a loop with a plastic or metal hook. The elastic ropes are used, for example, as a fastening option for banners or tarpaulins. These are available in the following lengths:

Elastic ropes with plastic hooks: Elastic ropes with metal hooks:

09.09.2019 - Poster pockets in new formats

Now, we offer new sizes of poster pockets made of anti-reflective foil. The poster pockets are provided with two holes and are suitable for hanging up e.g. price labels or promotional information – perfect for your sales promotion at the POS.

Poster pockets with two round holes: Poster pockets with two metal eyelets Poster pockets with two pockets:

19.08.2019 - NEW: Clipboard clips with plastic corners

New in our shop are two clipboard clips. These have two black plastic corners and are suitable for riveting on clipboards. You will find the following designs in our shop:

24.06.2019 - Showcard struts in new formats

Now we offer self-adhesive showcard struts in the formats A1 and A2. The showcard struts made of cardboard are ideal for posters and brochures at trade fairs or at the POS. The new formats are available in the following versions:

17.06.2019 - Snap frames: The professional solution for changing information

Their applications are manifold. Whether for the presentation of advertising or for the display of helpful overviews or organizational information. Packaged in a snap frame, every piece of information looks twice as good and valuable. The folding frames can be opened simply, easily and conveniently, so that every message can be quickly exchanged and updated.
They are easily attached - self-adhesive, magnetically adhesive or screwed to the wall or suspended from the ceiling. We offer aluminium snap frames in various sizes and colours, according to your wishes. With us you will find the right snap frame for every requirement.

11.06.2019 - Magnetic pockets: New colour in our assortment

As an alternative to our red, blue and green magnetic pockets, you can also find yellow magnetic pockets for warehouse identification at SPRINTIS. The yellow magnetic pockets made of soft PVC are equipped with a magnetic strip on the back and can be ordered in the following sizes:

03.06.2019 - EcologiQ bags with flap – new format available

New in our shop is the EcologiQ bag with flap in the size 119 x 162 mm for inserts A6.
For example brochures, info sheets and flyers can be sent. The flap bags with the EcologiQ logo are climate neutral and biodegradable, as a recycled foil is used.

27.05.2019 - Best Price Spine tape: new colours available + test-kit

Our popular Best Price Spine tape (linen structure) are also available in grey in 5 different roll widths:

In addition, we now offer a spine tape test-kit with all 6 colours (white, black, red, blue, green, grey).

20.05.2019 - Test our pad-binding glue B120 now!

So that you can convince yourself of our pad-binding glue B120, we offer a free test-kit now. This test-kit contains a bottle of glue with approx. 150 ml, a brush for application and a notice pad that has already been glued with "pad-binding glue B120". All products and an information sheet come to you packed in our Zip-Pouch.

13.05.2019 - Two in one: high-quality cutting mats & desk pads

New in our shop are the high-quality A3 and A2 cutting pads from ECOBRA. Due to their self-healing and nonslip surface, they are suitable for all kinds of cuttings, handicrafts, writings or also to be used as a mouse pad.
On request, we offer cutting mats in other formats, colours and types, e.g. for equipping entire work tables or packing lines. Please do not hesitate to contact us!
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