Rubber bands - flexible helpers

Classic rubber bands and ribbons are frequently used in print production and have a wide range of applications. Beside bundling or order picking of finished print products the rubber band is used for binding, fixing or sealing a product. For example as mounting option for labels or binding simple menus.

Rubber bands, page marking ribbons, cords, seal tags and more – a varied range.

We offer a wide range of products based on our rubber band - e.g. common red rubber rings, assembled elastic cords with two metal ends as well as cord loops and more. We offer different types of rubber bands, flat and round cords. Our seal tags can be used to easily attach labels to products like textile or clothing. Of course we have a great range of colours available. Didn't find what you searched for? We can also produce custom rubber bands in any colour and length you want - just ask our product specialists!
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