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Self-adhesive corner pockets, business card pockets and more

There's always something to mount in folders or brochures. With our clever adhesive pocket solutions you can easily add sheets, business cards, CDs and more to your medium.

As usual we're offering corner pocketsbusiness card pocketsCD pocketsrectangular pocketspackaging list envelopesor spine label pockets in different variants and sizes. Individual and regularly changing enclosures are the heart of good brochures or promotional materials. Corner or rectangular pockets allow to easily attach flyers or price lists to your medium. Contact information can be added via business cards, or you even can copy your portfolio on CD / DVD and insert it into a suited adhesive CD-pocket.

Business card pockets are available with either the long or short side opened, whereas corner pockets can even hold welded-on business card pockets! If you want customized pockets according to your specifications, just contact our product specialists! Many of our products can be customized in endless ways.
Corner pockets
Rectangular pockets
Business card pockets
Spine label pockets
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