Window snap frame, aluminium, corners mitered


Double-sided snap frame ideal for shop windows, made of aluminium including self-adhesive counter frame for the outside.

Ready for dispatch
  • Ready for dispatch in 24h

  • Large quantities available immediately

Our self-adhesive window snap frame is made of aluminium and has a profile width of 25 mm. The corners are cut exactly to mitre in a visually appealing way. The snap frame is glued to the inside of the shop window using the attached adhesive strips. A likewise self-adhesive aluminium counter frame for the outside shop window side is included in the scope of delivery. The inserted items are visible on the inside and outside of the shop window. The attached special adhesive tapes are ideal for quick and easy mounting on glass. The opaque separating plate ensures perfect legibility even in strong sunlight.

Our window snap frame is supplied in A4 and A3 formats with a counter frame. The larger formats are delivered with individual counter strips, which enable quick and accurate fitting even with very large formats.

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