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An immensely high holding force despite flat design, this practical advantage is demonstrated by pot magnets made of neodymium with threaded stem. Whenever only little space is available but at the same time a high magnetic strength is required, the high-quality flat pot magnets are used. Installed in a nickel-plated steel pot, the small magnets are optimally protected against damage and external influences. The threaded pin is located on the outside on the non-magnetic steel side, making installation easy: magnet systems with an external thread can be easily attached using through or threaded holes. After the nut is subsequently pulled up, they are rock solid and reliably anchored. This form of pot magnet effectively helps many customers in industry, trade and the furniture trade in numerous applications. Select the suitable magnet made of neodymium with threaded pin in our MagnetiQ online shop.

What are the biggest advantages of the SuperMagnets with threaded stem?

Due to their design, the space-saving neodymium pot magnets (NdFeB) with threaded pins increase the immense magnetic force so that even heavy objects stick. This allows the magnetism to be used effectively and purposefully. Due to the strong attractive forces, pot magnets with threaded pins are used in many commercial and private applications. Whether in commercial, trade fair and furniture construction or for use in innovative lighting concepts, the flexibility is convincing. A further advantage is the very high holding power compared to normal magnets. The thread is therefore suitable for fixing hooks, lamps, antennas and numerous other objects firmly and permanently. The threaded stud can also be screwed into an existing thread. Alternatively, it is possible to lead the external thread through a hole. It is then fixed on the other side with a nut and firmly anchored. The small neodymium super magnets embedded in the nickel-plated steel pot thus offer a solution for a variety of requirements that is as variable as it is inexpensive.

What are the benefits of a nickel-plated steel pot?

All threaded pin magnets that we offer are located in a nickel-plated steel pot. This shields the magnetic field so that the concentrated force of the respective neodymium magnet acts on the open side. It is therefore used in a controlled and increased way. At the same time, the pot provides a useful barrier against external influences such as dirt or dust. The pots are nickel-plated (NiCuNi) for the best possible protection of the sensitive magnetic material. The thin coating is practically proven, it effectively prevents unwanted oxidation. The performance and service life of pot magnets with threaded pins benefit from the sophisticated protection.

Pot magnets with threaded stem: Properties, size and holding force

All magnets in this category use neodymium material to give you the best possible performance. Flat grippers made of neodymium clearly exceed the holding power of a classic magnet. The respective thread thicknesses of the pins are based on the magnetic force of the product.
  • The diameter (ø) of the magnets is 13, 16 and 20 millimetres
  • The total height of the pot magnet varies between 12, 13.5 and 15.5 millimetres
  • The holding force covers the performance range from 3.5 to 12 kilograms in three stages
  • Design of the magnets with M3 and M4 thread
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