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Due to their design, small pot magnets with screw socket concentrate the immense magnetic force in a specific direction. Their shielding simultaneously increases the magnetic holding force at the open end. Due to the protective housing, the practical magnets are hardly exposed to external influences. Neodymium pot magnets (NdFeB) therefore score points for flexibility, holding strength and a long service life. The screw socket on the opposite side of the magnet makes it possible to screw in screws or other suitable elements. This results in numerous applications where a lot of force is required in a small space. Buy the powerful magnet with threaded bush you need in our MagnetiQ online shop. We offer different diameters, heights and strengths.

What is the benefit of a magnets with screw socket?

Due to their shape and design, the established types of pot magnets can be mounted in different ways. A suitable product exists for every conceivable situation. Anyone who screws or attaches small, inconspicuous magnets with a threaded bush to a thread anchors the pot magnets firmly and resiliently. If desired, suitable hooks or eyelets can also be implemented in the magnet's socket. The practical and flexible design gives the small magnetic helpers great added value in numerous applications. Our permanent magnets made of neodymium (N38) - often synonymously called rare earth magnets - score points especially with their better holding power compared to common magnets.

Notes on the optimum holding force

The nickel-plated (Ni) pot made of steel of our threaded bush magnets offered in our shop shields the magnetic effect. Their complete, bundled force therefore only acts at the open end. In order to achieve the maximum binding performance and the best possible holding force, the open magnetic side of the flat gripper should therefore rest directly on the metallic substrate. When installing the flat gripper, please bear in mind that even painting can reduce the holding force proportionately.

Diameter, height and holding force of pot magnets with screw socket

  • The diameter (ø) varies between 13, 16 and 20 millimetres for the offers in the shop
  • Choose the height between the gradations 11.5 and 13 millimetres
  • With regard to the adhesive force, we offer the strengths 5, 8 and 13 kilograms
  • We carry magnets with M3 and M4 thread
When ordering the magnets in the MagnetiQ-Shop, you can also use the option of an individual inquiry. We will be happy to take care of your request.