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Optimally protected, our strong MagnetiQ pot magnets with hooks serve their purpose in industry, advertising and modern space organisation. The casing protects the powerful products from external influences and damage, resulting in their long-term benefit. In our online shop you will find practical solutions for every imaginable situation. Small ceiling magnets with eyelets and ferrite pot magnets with hook convince by a favourable cost-benefit ratio in work and everyday life. If a very strong holding force is required for larger loads, then choose a powerful pot magnet made of neodymium (NdFeB).

What are the advantages and benefits of hook magnets?

The immense holding power of the small and flexible products is particularly remarkable. Even heavy utensils find their safe place. For this reason, magnetic hooks function as an integral part of the equipment in modern workshops. They also guarantee order and structure in numerous offices. Since our products combine functionality with a modern look, the useful pot magnets are regularly used at trade fairs and events: whether posters, shop decorations or promotional advertisement – the innovative products from MagnetiQ help you to assemble them quickly and reliably. In everyday life, the magnets with hooks make it possible to hang heavy clothes or suitable household items easily. A further strength is shown by the fact that there is no need for cumbersome drilling when attaching magnets. Our pot magnets with hooks effectively support many customers in finding an aesthetically pleasing solution for better organization. Therefore, these powerful hook magnets stand out due to their practical and durable features.

How does a pot magnet with hook work exactly?

In the high quality products, strong ferrite and neodymium magnets are embedded in the pot. The body of the pot is made of metal - with the exception of the small ceiling magnets. The visually attractive and well thought-out design ensures that the magnetic force acts in the desired direction. The pot increases the magnetic flux on only one holding surface, bond and force increase. Ideally, the open side of the magnet with hook lies directly on the magnetic base. The direct contact guarantees a secure and long-term hold. The handy products develop their best possible holding power when they are loaded vertically downwards. Please note that the indicated holding force was measured at right angles to the holding surface. After trouble-free installation, hang up equipment, advertising spaces and tools according to your own ideas.

Dimensions and holding power of our pot magnets

Choose the right magnet from the wide range of available sizes and strengths at a customer-friendly price:
  • Our small ceiling magnets are designed for light loads, their transparent body is made of plastic. Hooks or eyelets of the small neodymium magnet (N35) carry up to 1500 grams of weight.
  • Our ferrite pot magnets with a white body offer strong holding power in the range between 3.5 and 20 kilograms. Depending on the spatial requirements, you can choose from finely differentiated heights and diameters.
  • Our neodymium magnets with hooks are at the peak of magnetic performance. The products, whose pot is made of nickel-plated steel, can weigh up to 30 kilograms. Variable diameters and heights allow you to choose the one that suits you best.
If required, make an individual enquiry so that you get the right hook magnet in the quantity you need. We will gladly take care of all your requests.