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If powerful magnets are to be firmly screwed to the substrate, pot magnets with a bore and counterbore are used. They guarantee an extremely stable and long-lasting fixation, as the small flat magnets are screwed to the wall or ceiling with a suitable countersunk screw. This is where the strong NdFeB magnets demonstrate their immense magnetic force. The protective steel pot prevents the installed magnet from getting dirty or damaged. This increases the service life of the products due to their shape. At the same time, the steel pot shields the magnetic field; the attracting force acts exclusively on the open magnet side. This means that it is used in a reinforced and controlled manner. Because the performance is higher than with conventional magnets, even heavy objects adhere firmly and reliably.


Material, dimensions and adhesive force of the magnets for screwing

Our pot magnets with bore and counterbore are made of the best material available: The magnets inside are made of neodymium (NdFeB). It is used as an alloy (neodymium-iron-boron) for strong permanent magnets. Choose the adhesive strength you need from the extensive range. The offered flat grippers with bore and counterbore are available in variable dimensions, so that you will find a durable solution for many commercial or private purposes in the MagnetiQ online shop.
  • The holding force covers the range from 4 to 19 kilograms in graded form
  • Depending on your requirements, you can choose between 4, 6 and 7 millimetres high
  • Different diameters (ø) are available: 16, 20 and 25 millimetres
  • The dimensions of the bore are between 3.5/7.22 and 5.5/11.7 millimetres

How to use neodymium permanent magnets with countersunk?

Small neodymium pot magnets with bore and counterbore belong to the category of permanent magnets, also known as permanent magnets. In contrast to an electromagnet, no electric current is required, the magnetic field of the pot magnets acts continuously. Permanent magnets attract ferromagnetic materials, same poles repel each other. It is precisely these advantages of a permanent, powerful magnetic field that industry makes use of: in many places the products are used as holding, assembly and gripping magnets, as they enable innovative and constructive solutions in metalworking and trade fair construction, for example. Within the scope of modern lighting concepts, the lighting industry also relies on the bundled power of small flat grippers. Flexible, powerful, space-saving and compact - these attributes characterize high-quality magnets made of neodymium. No wonder that they are generally referred to as super magnets.

What should be considered when using a pot magnet with countersunk?

The neodymium magnets embedded in the steel pot have a central bore and counterbore. This makes it easy to install the small and visually pleasing holding magnets flexibly on walls and ceilings. The steel pot protectively surrounds the magnetic material. Despite the robust character and protective environment, however, heat, strong mechanical shocks or extreme external magnetic fields should be excluded. Avoid unnecessary mechanical or thermal stress. In this context, please observe the recommended operating temperature. This term describes the maximum temperature that the products can withstand before they lose their magnetic properties. If you have further questions, please contact our support team directly.